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Deleting a Composing Req - Guided Buying

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Per the below article, it seems that as a customer admin I can only delete a composing requisition from other users cart if they are NOT part of GB. How do I do that on their behalf if they are part of the GB redirect group? Many times when I would look in GB for a composing req I would not see it, even though it shows in P2P.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you act as the requisition preparer or requester by going to User Manager > Users in SAP Ariba Buying and acting as the user, you can take the steps as mentioned in the knowledgebase article.

If you're redirected to guided buying based on the user belonging to a redirect group, you can manually update the URL in your browser to the following, substituting your site name for both occurrences of xyzcompany. If your site is outside the US data center, you'll also need to substitute the correct front door portion of the URL for

This is documented as the Catalog home (redirect scenario) destination page in the Links to Specific Locations in SAP Ariba Buying solutions topic.

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