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Default Check Box for Company Code Attribute

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Hello SAP Gurus,

We have around 3K users for which "Default" Check box is not selected for Company Code attribute in SRM Org Structure.

Out of these 3K user id's some may have only one company code assigned and some have multiple company code assigned.

Is there any FM or Program to update "Default" Check box for the user where no company code is selected as Default.

I tried to pull the information from HRV1222A table, but when i manually validated the results of HRV1222A table in org structure it is not correct. Output of HRV1222A shows some users has default company code assigned but when i went to org structure and checked no company code is selected as default.

I request you to share FM or program to update default check box in bulk for all these 3K users.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Sanjay

You should create a custom report. Please use the FM BBP_READ_ATTRIBUTES and read all data in an internal table .

Now , delete all entries where the Flag is checked already . For the remaining entry you can try one by one to lock the object ID using function module 'RHOM_ENQUEUE' in order to avoid update attributes by other user.

To SAVE the attributes update using function module 'BBP_UPDATE_ATTRIBUTES and this will update the flag for those user Ids where the flag is not checked .

Also , you can default the Company code at a Higher node so it will be inherited by all users assigned to the org unit ?

Let me know if this helps .



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Hi Sanjay,

You have to write a update program or an LSMW using the FM BBP_UPDATE_ATTRhIBUTES .



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For BUK attribute, it inheritance type is 'Normal Inheritance' in table T77OMATTR.
If this is not changed, you may consider to set the default indicator at the root node for company code if the value is set with inherited. In such condition, the default indicator will be inherited to all the lower levels if the same value exists in lower levels.

For HRV1222A table, it will only store attribute values which are manually maintained in ppoma_bbp.
The behavior you described is very strange, which needs to be checked on your system access.