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Deadline Monitoring in SRM RFx

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Hello Experts,

I need to do some actions(lets say trigger a email to RFx Creator) when submission deadline of an RFx is reached.

Eg: If submission deadline of Rfx is 20:09:2016 14:00:00 I need to trigger email exactly at this time.

We have standard event NO_BID_SUBMITTED, but we have to give a negative value. Ie if i give -1, email will get triggered at 20:09:2016 13:00:00

We cannot give 0 for this case.

Is there any other method to trigger exactly at the same time of submission deadline?

Thanks in Advance,

Jixon Jolly

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Hi Jixon

There are a couple of ways in which you may be able to do so.

Try to maintain an entry in ALRTCATDEF

1) In the configuration "Define Event Schema", check for BUS2200, Schema RFQ,


Event Category: Alert

Subcategory of Event: SRM_BID_INVITATION

Event Deadline in Hours = 1

Did you implement the BADI BBP_ALERTING that may be helpful as well where you could calcuate the time if System time = bid deadline time then send email or this can be a report as well which is run every day in every 5 mins or so

Also check the Report RSALERTPROC did you schedule that and also report RSWFSLSDLEX

BBP_ALERTING - Alerts, Messages and Events in SRM Alert Management - Supplier Relationship Managemen...