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Create INV against PO without EntrySheet into SUS

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Hi Guys!

Someone can tell me how much possible is to create an invoice into SUS (vendor) without previously accept the PO and create the entry sheet?

The idea is to create the service PO and the Service EntrySheet into ECC, and let the vendor just load the Invoice.

If is not possible can you share some tip to get it done?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Gax,

this is not possible. If you send a PO to SUS all follow-on documents to this PO must be created in SUS. This includes the confirmation which will create the SES in ECC. Once this is accepted, the supplier can create the invoice in SUS.

If you create the SES directly in ECC for a SUS PO, there is no way this information will be transferred to SUS, so the supplier will not be able to create the invoice.



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Thanks a lot!