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Create a link on SRM portal homepage to redirect to send an email to a specified email address.

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We are working in SAP SRM 7.13 version, extended classic scenario.

We have got a requirement to create a new link in the Menu of a user role which should re-direct the user to send an email to a specified email address. As in, the "compose email" window should open up with the specified email address in the "To" field.
So basically they want a link on the Home screen of the SRM portal page, which on clicking should re-direct them to the compose email window with the specified email address in the To field.

Can a Generic Web Address (URL Template) fulfill this requirement which is used in the Menu section of user roles in T-Code PFCG to re-direct to a particular URL link? If yes, then how it should be setup?
Or some other node (in Menu) can be used to meet this requirement.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Navraj

I think there could be 3 options for this

1. You could use portal and configure in system Admin and then UME node

2. You could create a webdynpro which has a code written in backend with a button which when activated will send email with a text box which can capture the text

3. Or if its a standard notification only the button should also do in the webdynpro ?

Refer these links

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