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Converting Service Request into Auto Bid Invitation for service id

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Hi All,

We are trying to create a request( not shop) for a service with a service id which has to be converted into bid invitation directly.

As per our understanding the BADI, ZBP_BID_DET_PROCTYPE is to be active which we did for mapping the relevant bid invitation type as RFPS instead of BID to create a auto bid invitation.

We have a no approval workflow being active and the request after approval is not being converted into auto bid invitation. We have a vendorlist active which has vendors from which we are selecting the vendor and click on Send request. The shopping cart goes in to Status I111 - Item in transfer process for a long time and becomes I112 - Error in transmission.

Manually if we run the FM BBP_REQREQ_TRANSFER with the SC no., then SC is converted into bid invitation for which bids can be created.

Can anyone please tell us why the system is behaving this way ?

Do we miss any of the configurations for this standard functionality.

For the business object BUS2121(shopping cart) the method RequirementRequestEC.SetTransferable's status is obsolete in our system. Does it mean anything to the functionality.

We are using standard start conditions given for no approval workflow for shopping cart,

Best regards,


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Hi all,

Any clue on this.

Did anyone faced such an issue while working with the request to auto bid invitation process?

Best regards,