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Contract Change version stuck in workflow - Awaiting approval

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screen-shot.pngHi Experts,

Contract was released and new version was created which routed for approval, Approver got the work item but they couldn't find the reject or Approve button after lot of research we couldn't find the issue so tried to approve manually using FM SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_COMPLETE - This FM completed the work item but only for first approver the rest of the approver doesn't have the work item so they don't see it in their inbox and now Contract is also stuck in awaiting approval. Not sure if there is a way to remove the approver.

we can't delete the version also because its grayed out.

I tried SWO1 also didnt work for me. we're using Process controlled workflow

Please help its a urgent production issue.

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for replying.

It's not much help to report to SAP if its not system bug. This is not a system bug all other documents are working fine.

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If this is your production system issue, I would highly recommend you report incident directly since our experts would need to have a look at this problematic document before providing any solution or workaround.

It would do harm to your production document if the suggestion is given without deeper analysis.