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Confirmation is not getting created

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We are on SRM 7 EHP2, classic scenario, process controlled workflows.Shopping cart is created in SRM, which upon approval gets transferred to ECC as PO.PO is not going for any release strategy, no acknowledgment/ confirmation expected for PO..GR required ticked, Gr-IV ticked.We are able to create GR for the same PO in ECC.We are trying to create a confirmation in SRM for the same PO, but the following 2 issues are persisting.

1.When doing via NWBC or portal, system is not finding the returns "no documents available".

2.When doing via SAP SRM GUI (TCODE: bbpcf01 or bbpcf03), it accepts the PO number and allows to go ahead with creation of confirmation(displays the PO details).When I click on "Create" in BBPCF01 initial screen, after entering the PO number, it takes me to the subsequent screen, where I click on "Confirm".Once I click on Confirm, a confirmation number is generated and a message "Your confirmation XXXXXXXXXX is saved" is displayed.But when I check in BBP_PD, confirmation is not available.

We have tried debugging on where the issue could be, but unable to find the reason/solution(please note that we are doing this in Dev system, for one of our unit testing scenarios).

Please advise asap.

Thank you,


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Hi Netra,

Let's focus on creating Confirmation via NWBC or Portal.
Please firstly check in your system according to the tips provided in the wiki page.

1 - Purchase Order Search - Supplier Relationship Management - SCN Wiki

Let me know if this helps you or not.