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Compatibility of Std Fiori applications for SRM with Fiori 2.0

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Dear All,

Has anyone worked on the upgrade from HANA 1503 ( or any lower version ) to HANA 1809 ?

Our current landscape has ECC (on S/4 HANA 1503) ,SRM (7.0 EHP 3) , Enterprise Portal(7.5 ) and Gateway(7.5 with Fiori 1.0 ) On premise landscape

We are upgrading the system from S/4 HANA 1503 to S/4 HANA 1809and Gateway is upgraded from Fiori 1.0 to Fiori 2.0

There is no change in the SRM system and hence the UI component in SRM system also is unchanged and as in on 1.0

As per our understanding the UI components between the systems should be same to make the Fiori applications work.

My queries are:

  1. Are SRM based standard Fiori apps available as a part of separate UI component for s/4 HANA 1809 FPS 01? we are not able to find any alternative standard apps from supplier relationship management for s/4 hana 1809 fps 01 ( Example No alternate application for Shopping cart application available in HANA 1503)
  2. Please let us know the sap recommended way to migrate existing shopping carts from our current system(ECC (on S/4 HANA 1503) to sap s/4 HANA 1809 fps01

Any Suggestion please.

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Neha,

I'm a bit confused. Are you running SRM in your S/4HANA system, or as a separate system? You mentioned running SRM 7.03 as if it's a separate system, but you're asking about Fiori apps for SRM on S/4HANA.

As you appear to have a separate gateway deployed as a hub system, it should be able to talk equally well to multiple backend systems. So, you should be able to have Fiori 2.0 apps installed for your S/4HANA system, and Fiori 1.0 apps installed at the same time for your SRM 7.03 system. They will be different software components in your Fiori Front End Server.

We're doing something similar to what you describe, though not exactly the same, and we are still only in a sandbox phase. We have separate ECC (6.08 on NW 7.5, not S/4) and SRM (7.03) systems, and we have installed a hub-deployed Fiori Front End Server 5.0 on AS ABAP 7.52. On the FES system, we have Fiori for HCM 2.0 installed, and I'm about to install Fiori for SRM 1.0 alongside that. In fact, it's my major task for today, so I should know soon if it's really going to work, but I have no reason to expect it won't. The apps for SRM are quite old, not seeming to have been updated in a while (at least in the documentation), but I believe should still work fine on an FES 5.0 gateway system (though the official documentation only mentions up to FES 4.0).

Beyond the documentation, the next way to find out before actually installing is to see if Maintenance Planner will let you set up an appropriate stack. If it will, that's a pretty good indicator that you can proceed, and it doesn't take much work or committing to a course to give it a try. I'm about to start that step soon.

Documentation links of interest to you:


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Hi Matt,

This is really helpful , Thank you very much !!


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