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Comparative analysis of Ariba CIG Integration Options with S/4 HANA

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We can use various methods to secure data transfer from SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway to SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. The following are some of these methods:

  1. SAP Cloud Platform cloud connector
  2. SAP Process Integration and Process Orchestration
  3. .SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Is there any comparative analysis of the above 3 methods? What are the pros and cons of each of the above three methods.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Partha P Pal.

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Hello Partha ,

As far as i know , CIG introduced by ARIBA to reduce the cost and time which is primarily the disadvantage in CI9 , i want to ask the really PI is an option avaialble in CIG also for data transfer ?

Thanks !


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Hello Partha

CPI is platform developed by SAP for cloud integration and CIG is tool introduced by them to have SAP ARIBA connected with SAP S4 On premise version. CIG required could connector to connect to SAP ARIBA.

SAP PI PO also be used along with CIG as additional security layer for transnational documents .In this case Cloud connector is not require.

Both of methods are secured to have data transfer.

- Kaustubh

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Hi Partha

I think options 1 and 3 are actually one and the same option for S/4HANA. I believe that option 1 is the old name of option 3. To connect SAP products, this is the go-to route.

Option 2 is to be used to connect non-SAP systems, and with this you can create your own interface messages with whatever system you want to communicate with.