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Collaboration Between Buyer <> Supplier and Buyer <> Buyer

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Dear Experts- We understand that using message board buyer and supplier can collaborate during the PO transaction and exchange communication between them. Just wanted to understand and explore, in case 2 buyers want to do internal collaboration on a particular PO transaction, is there a way they can use Ariba message board on AN and the communication not being shared with supplier. I understand that we can maintain an email ID in setting of message board but any response from that is shared with both supplier and email.

Any inputs how we can use Buyer Network for collaboration between buyers and those message exchanges not being shared with suppliers?

~ Sandy

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Sandy,

When it comes to collaboration between buyers themselves there are other modules of SAP Ariba to address this use case.

1) SAP Ariba Sourcing has a message board that can be used to exchange messages internally and between supplier within the same workspace (project/po/contract).

2) SAP Ariba Buying has ability to add both internal and external comments on each document (Requisition, PO, Invoice)

Digital Supplier Network, Commerce Automation and even SCC are not really intended to have multiple buyers exchanging messages on a single PO.

Furthermore, there is also no plan to address this use case in future as most of our customers do not grant access to Ariba Network Buyer Account to all their buyers. Recommendation is to have internal collaboration happening outside of Ariba Network Buyer Portal.

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