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Classic Scenerio need to create a HELD PO

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Dear all,

I am working in Classic Scenerio SRM7.02 with PI.

We are creating a PO in SOCO, the Backend PO is creating Successfully in SAP SRM through PI (XML).

When there is any error while creating a PO, then an XML message is stuck and error.

1. In this case, i need to create a Held PO in SAP ECC, if there is any error while creating a PO.

I think this can be done thr' some enchancement in the standard.

Kindly suggest how we can achieve this...

Thanks in advance.

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HI Tamil

For enhancement Options in the ECC side ..



At the SRM side you can see the options:

BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW  is used in the SRM side to create the POin backend

Below 2 classes can also be used : Based on the version you have in the BAPI : BAPI_PO_CREATE1



Also it seems to me you are talking about the Park and Hold functionality

based on “LOG_MM_CI_3”   Business Function  but not sure how to handle it for the PO's created from some other system.. you may have to use the

code changes at the above points as I have mentioned.

Some notes which you can go through

668212 - ME21N: Document type authorization when holding a PO

390117 - ME21N: Prevent holding of purchase orders

Hope it helps