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Can approver WF will get refreshed at each approval level?

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Hi All,

We are using SRM 7.0

After Creation of SC it is picking approvers as-


Financial Analyst



Commodity Analyst

After creation of SC, if there are more than 1 manager in approver list and if I increased DOA value for first manager so that it satisfies SC value.

Right now after refreshing SC through FM- Z_RESTART_PC_WFL_SC other managers get automatically removed but WF is restarted from buyer.

Is it possible to set auto refresh at each approver level? so that WF should not get started from first approval.

In SRM 5, I heard there is Auto refresh of the Approvers when there is change done at Attribute level.

Does SRM 7 is having same functionality or it is standard behaviour?

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Hi Neha

I am not sure why is there a use for the FM to refresh workflow

In SRM 5 you need to maintain a parameter setting where Security level is defined as "Low" (2) in SU01 for user in question. This can be see under Personalization tab, object key BBP_WFL_SECURITY.

and also badi  BBP_WFL_SECUR_BADI is used .

However in SRM 7 please use BAdI interface /SAPSRM/IF_EX_WF_PROC_RESTART to define whether a process restart is to take place (EV_RESTART = ABAP_TRUE) based on your logic .

Refer these links as well

Changing Shopping Cart in Approval Stage - Supplier Relationship Management - SCN Wiki

Let me know if it helps