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Business System ID Determination Among Multiple Business System Ids in Ariba Buyer Buyer Account

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I have set up new a business system id as EQ1 CLNT105 in Test Account at AN Buyer account ANXXXXXXXXX, and configure the Ariba End point as well.

Now we have below two ids

1.Child1-which configure at the time of implementation

2. EQ1CLNT105-- which i have configure newly.

Now while creating the invoice form Supplier it is being routed to Business System Id-Child 1 not EQ1CLNT105. Also invoices are failing at AN Buyer Account ANXXXXXXXXX.

I have two queries--

1. How invoices created via Supplier AN Account determine that the to which Business System id of Buyer Accounnt(Child1or EQ1CLNT105) it must go.

2. When i looked at invoice at Buyer account ,in invoice history we are getting

DOC-46: Copy document Failed.

Bellow is the error log

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<!-- class: ariba.cxml.Component -->

<cXML timestamp="2021-04-14T03:40:27-07:00" payloadID="1618396827195.72173747.000001079@p3KZY5ORQ5U+/LSR3soWC61dyQM=" xml:lang="en-US" version="1.2.044">


<Status text="Unauthorized" code="401">

Error: Authentication failed for Sender [AN01000000001] at Domain [NetworkID]. Please contact support with the Error Reference Number: 16324436921655 for more details.




What is the root cause of this error????

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