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BBP_PDIGP-GROSS_PRICE zero in SRM purchase order

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Hello All,

We are using extended classic scenarion SRM 5.0 (Server 5.5) with backend ECC 6.0

When creating a shopping cart for product (NOT direct material) on account assignment F = Order with a quantity smaller 1 the SRM purchase order hasn't got a gross price and net value in the item basic tab but has got the correct prices in the 'Prices' tab.

As there is no price in the basic tab (BBP_PDIGP-GROSS_PRICE = 0) the generated SRM purchase order is in status 'Held'.

This happens only if the quantity is less than 1. The SC has got a price maintained (from info record).

Any ideas out there?



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OSS note 1339905 corrected the issue.

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Hi Franz,

I am having quite a similar kind of issue related to bbp_pd not getting updated properly from R3.

Kindly look at my link and throw some light

SRM:Price value '0' not reflecting in bbp_pd from R3(PR)