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Ariba PO push from Sandbox Server to Buyer portal

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The Idoc is available in CIG but is not getting into the Buyer portal,
I am getting the error like the Supplier: AN11171213425-T and the Buyer:0000001001 associated connection is not configured or saved. Please suggest steps to resolve this issue .
In the buyer Network , there is a activate relationships under Supplier enablement. I will be most glad, if you can please let me know the utility of this.

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Hello Debasish,

You want to be sure that you are going from Test>Test, because if this is sent from Test (Sandbox) to Production, and the Cloud Integration Gateway project is not yet deployed to Production, the PO's will fail.

  1. Sign into Cloud Integration Gateway.
  2. Click My Configurations > Projects.
  3. Select the desired project, click in Select > Edit
  4. Click Next until you see the page where the tests are performed.

One of the steps to move the project to production, is to create test scenarios when you create the project. You can add the required test scenarios and schedule to run.

  1. Once the test result is a pass, the highlighted buttons are enabled. You can click on the Run Buyer Test which will send an e-mail to the buyer admin and they need to approve the test results. You can also click on Skip Buyer Test and you can approve the test results.
  2. If you skip the test you will see a page where the Go Live button will appear.
  3. The date and the time on the screen will the current time (PST) and click on Go Live or you can also select a different date if you want to schedule the go-live of the project.
  4. After the project is moved to Production, the PO's from PROD will no longer have the error.

If the projects are configured correctly, it's also possible that the issue is caused by an orphan connection under My Configurations > Connections.

Delete any connection that is not currently being used in the projects to avoid such inconsistencies.

After you check these two scenarios I hope that your issue is resolved.