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Ariba Network- Order Confirmation for re-triggered Purchase Orders

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On our SAP S/4 HANA system, there were changes related to Finance which updated the FMBCS elements. These changes re-triggered the PO output messages for open POs and has updated as a new version in Ariba by Obsoleting the existing version. For these changed POs, suppliers need to create new Order Confirmation before proceeding with invoices.

Is there an option or default transaction rule to turn-off Order Confirmation for re-triggered or changed POs.

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Hello Anuya,

Buyers can configure their account to retain order confirmation information on changed purchase orders with the rule Retain confirmation status of unchanged line items on change orders.

You will want to check this Help Portal entry for more details:

To remove all requirements for a confirmation order, you would look to the default transaction rule: Require suppliers to fully confirm line items before fulfillment and then the transaction rule: Require suppliers to create an order confirmation before creating a ship notice in your account.

I hope that this is helpful!


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Hello Melissa,

The rule "Retain confirmation status of unchanged line items on change orders" is only applicable if we have allowed suppliers to send order confirmations on the line item level. As per our system, Order Confirmation is configured on Header level.

Any other option here?