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Ariba - How to change the contract attributes in Contract Workspace

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I am creating a new template for Contract Workspace but I need to amend a few custom fields that exist within the initial entry screen of the contract workspace. When creating a fresh template I cannot see where I can chenge this fields.

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I understand that you may be experiencing difficulties with certain fields in the workspace template. In order to provide you with the most accurate and helpful assistance, it would be beneficial if you could initiate a case with the Ariba Contract team.

Please note:
1. At the workspace level and in the contract template, there are specific fields which are editable.
2. To better assist you, we would like to understand and investigate the particular fields in the workspace template that you are trying to add.

We have two distinct types of editable fields:
1. Fields editable at the workspace level for various amendments
2. Fields editable at the template level. To make more recommendations, we need to confirm the field settings.

Editable Fields in amendments