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Ariba: Error "Cannot get event for org""

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In some rare cases we are sending a QR to Ariba Network without issues but the response messages says:

  1. An error occurred when sending the document to Ariba Network Error: [[Code]: ERR205 [Description]: Send cXML to ASN Failed (Unrecoverable Error) [Message]: An unrecoverable error occurs when performing outbound transaction: [CC_VM_ARIBASN_R_CXML_QuoteRequest] [Request Name/Type] QuoteRequest/QuoteRequest [Request URL] [TimeStamp/PayloadID] null/null [Response Status Code] 467 [Response Status Text] Publish Not Allowed [Response Status Desc] Error:Following Error Occurs during QR processing: Cannot get event for org ANXXXXX with quoteRequestId GXXXXXX , Please contact support with the Error Reference Number: ANERR-XXXXXXX for more details] causes a XIAdapterException and can be retried

I've search for this message and could not find anything directly related to it.

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Dear Wesley, good afternoon.

Can you clarify the end-to-end flow of the document? I understand you are sending to Ariba Network, but from where exactly?

Thank you

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