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Ariba CIG - Synchronize SAP Information with multiple Ariba CIGs in a single S/4HANA system.

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Hello Gurus,

My customer uses 2 instances of ANIDs . ANID-1 is for Ariba Buying and Invoicing (P2P). Other Non Ariba Invoicing through a separate Ariba Network with ANID-2.

Ariba P2P is already connected to S/4HANA with P user-1 credentials to CIG-1

If we enable CIG-2 in Ariba Network of ANID-2 with P user-2 credentials, is it possible make settings in the S/4HANA such that S/4 HANA can connect with both CIGs?

Can we execute below activity once with P user-1 & then with P user-2 to connect S/4HANA with both CIGs?

Appreciate your quick response.

Best regards,

Kishore Gummaraju

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This synchronization transaction, you can run for multiple ANID as needed, it will create the systemID inside each CIG account.

However, for the set-up transaction interface program, you can only run only once for a single ANID.

For the ANID-2, you will need to manually create the proxy interface through SOAMANAGER.

Also, for inbound (to ERP) it does not matter if the message belongs to ANID-1 or ANID-2, as your ERP can handle it without ANID info. However, the unbound (from ERP) are the ones that you do need to follow the company code rule or create enhancement to send them to Ariba Network.

You can find all the details about multiple ANIDs on the CIG Help.