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ALE IDOC Filters | Prcing Conditions | Segment E1EDP05

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I have a requirement to send Pricing conditions which are applicable to PO Main Vendor, via Ariba Network PO IDOC. I also want to restrict the pricing conditions which are applicable to a different vendor then main Vendor. Can this be achieved by ALE IDOC Filter?

The exact requirement is as below:

When we create PO in S/4 Hana, IDOC: ARBCIG_ORDERS gets triggered

Requirement Purchase Order will be sent to Main Vendor, present at Header Level

(Field: LIFNR, Stores the Vendor ID)

And at line Item level of PO we have Conditional Vendor

(Field: KLIEF Stores Conditional Vendor's ID)

Condition to be checked If LIFNR = KLIEF, then send the E1EDP05 segment condition, to Ariba

If LIFNR =! KLIEF, then don’t send the E1EDP05 segment condition, to Ariba LIFNR

I am not aware regarding ALE IDOC Filter functionality. And since the requirement depends on the fields LIFNR, KLIEF, and If ALE IDOC filter, can achieve our requirement?

Please help me!

Thanks in advance 🙂

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