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Addition of new field on search UI- Items to Confirm and Items to Ship: Commerce Automation

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Dear Team- wanted to check possibility of adding additional search fields on UI of Items to confirm and Items to Ship.

1. PO creation date in Items to ship and Items to confirm UI

Currently PO which is transmitted to supplier does not have 'PO creation date' on the UI (OOTB screen). However, at the footnote, it shows the PO received date

Can this data be added in the UI of both Items to ship and Items to confirm?

2. In Items to ship, currently it does not have search field basis material code (i.e. customer part no.) & Plant code (i.e. customer location). However, these fields are available on Items to confirm UI. Can these fields be added on the Items to ship section or not?

Items to confirm screen (Standard OOTB)

Items to Ship screen (Standard OOTB)

Please let us know if these screen changes can be done or not. Also, our understanding here is that these field additions are irrespective of the Collaboration package client is using such as SNAP, DSN, CA and SCC. Our client is using SNAP CA.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Sandeep,

You cannot customise search screens on Ariba Network for suppliers.

This means you cannot add or change names of the fields of search fields.

The right process to follow to improve this functionality would be to take an influence request route via influence portal. Your customer for which you are deploying DSN - needs to submit such a request and it will have to be subjected to voting process.



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