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5 Second interval batch job did not run

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Hello SAP Experts,

Good day to you. We have a custom program in Production and we set it


run in a 5 second interval. We also added a trigger program in the step

so that once the job finishes, the job will run again without delay. I

attached a screenshot of the steps of the job

The job then suddenly stopped one time and did not run for 4 hours. We

had to manually run it for the job to run. May I know what might have

caused this? Is it feasible in SRM to schedule a job with just a 5





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Answers (2)

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Hello Vinita,

Thanks for your reply.

There are no overlapping runs that happens for our jobs since it was setup so that the next job will only run whenever the previous job has the status Finished.

Since the program is an order creation program, it takes around 5-10 minutes to process an order with 30 line items. During that time, the next job will not run.

Our issue is mainly that at times even though there are no orders getting picked up, the job will just stop and we have to manually trigger it again via SM36.

Let me know if you have questions

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Hi Romeo

Thats possible to set up for 5 sec interval but how long does that job runs?

For example if it takes more than 5 sec to run then system will give an error message

Preceding job not yet completed"?      

I am assuming your job is failing coz of the overlapping If yes you may want to modify your trigger which means:

In custom program to trigger the "actual job" if there is no "active job"  running. If it is running then

check again after 5 sec and when  it is completed then  run the " job".

However if some other reason you may want to debug and check .

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