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It pays to be clever. And, it pays off big in Q4 if you are a sales executive leveraging SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions to win Net New Names before the clock runs out on the year.

Partner-packaged solutions make a sales executive’s job easier. You don’t need to be an expert in every market to sell solutions with confidence. SAP partners, with expertise in specific verticals, and the IP they’ve developed to address their clients’ challenges, have prepackaged solutions for you.

Additionally, SAP has thoroughly tested the packages to ensure seamless integration, implementation, and performance. There are more than 1,000 partner-packaged solutions to choose from for a wide range of markets.

According to SAP partners, here are the top four reasons why SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions work in earning net new customers:

1. Fixed-Scope and Fixed-Price

Brazil-based SAP partner ITS Group found that partner packages were an ideal route to market because the concept is easy to understand for customers looking for a fixed-price and fixed-scope approach.

“Many customers didn’t want to buy or move to SAP S/4HANA. Packaged solutions were an easier way to show customers how it worked and what it did,” said Sergio Valerio, Partner and Vice President of innovation at ITS Group.

“Customers increasingly wanted solutions that solved a specific problem with a fixed scope and fixed price,” said Valerio. “Packaged solutions were a perfect fit.”

ITS developed SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions for SAP S/4HANA in four areas: consumer products, chemical, services, and manufacturing as a perfect way to go to market with a good payoff. Valerio said the company has seen a rise in its sales revenues directly due to its packaged solutions,

2. Lower Risk, High Gains

For North America -based VistaVu Solutions, packaged solutions have opened new doors for the company, which grew its SAP Business ByDesign business from zero in 2017 to becoming one of the largest partners today selling that solution.

The company has developed packaged solutions for six markets using its FieldVu solution: life sciences, industrial field services , industrial machinery and components, high tech manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and food and beverage.

 “Packaged solutions give clients a low-risk, simplified way to see value, to make a small investment” says VistaVu CEO Jory Lamb.

Lamb points out that partner-packaged solutions are the perfect entry point with new customers and lay the foundation for upsell in the future. “As the company grows, the package grows, and their product grows,” he added.

3. Predictable Price Accelerates Your Sales Cycles

France-based SAP Business ByDesign partner Ubister has pivoted to focus on partner-packaged solutions for verticals, including professional services, cleantech, high-tech groups, and research and engineering.

Pierre Gueguen, CEO of Ubister, said the shift has changed the conversation from technology to business needs. Gueguen said adding that partner-packaged solutions allow his team to focus on limited scope for implementation and provide a roadmap to expand the project later. This clarity and transparency provide prospects a well-defined plan and predictable price, which shortens the sales cycle.

He adds that information about partner-packaged solutions on Ubister’s website have also simplified the sales process helping the company sign eleven new customers in one year.

4. Faster Implementation

Built on top of SAP products and vetted for integration with our technologies, prepackaged products offer faster, lower-cost implementations than custom solutions.

The Birchman Group based in the Spain, created partner-packaged solutions for finance and recruiting with the goals of shortening the sales cycle, winning more deals and accelerating implementations.

Javier Aguayo, board of director’s member of The Birchman Group, said, “How do we create more efficient, predictable solutions that can help customers in new ways? Packaged solutions are the answer,” he said.

Prepackaged solutions bring at least a 20 percent improvement on margins compared to on-premise projects, Aguayo said. “That’s a difference between making money and losing money.”

In short, sales executives can reach their net new names goals easier when leveraging partner packages. Use the partner package finder to discover solutions for your net new customers.