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I am Christian Zeuch and I work at SAP's Product Support in SRM team.

I would like to share my experience and information regarding Contracts in SRM.

So if you are facing an issue related to this topic but you are not sure what to start the analysis, this blog post if for you!

To start, you can always check the new "SRM Contracts Channels" page. Many sources of documentation are grouped there, so it doesn't hurt taking a look.

You will find links to SAP Help, SCN Wikis, Forum, Troubleshooting Guide, etc.

Beside that channels page, there are some Knowledge Based Articles (KBA) that may come in handy when starting an investigation in SRM Contracts area.

In KBA 2028062, you can find information regarding issues with contract performance and also background import of XLS files. This KBA also links to other documents but I'll detail these one further on.

However, the areas where most issues may surface when talking about SRM Contracts are Distribution, Release Value and also Metadata (disabled buttons, hidden fields, etc).

Regarding Contract Distribution, be it IDOC or XML, this topic is the most common one when talking about Contract issues. Maybe the IDOC failed due to an error, or the XML contains wrong data.

There are two main places to start looking for possible solutions or tips to analyze distribution topics. One of them is the Contract Troubleshooting Guide (or TSG). The other one is KBA 2042445, where you can find information regarding Contract Distribution.

That should give a starting point, at least.

Now, talking about Release Value, this is quite famous topic. The POs are not updating the Contract with the correct value, or not even updating it, or the link between the documents is broken.

If this is the case, then you can always check the "Release Value" area of the Contract TSG. Additionally, there is this KBA 2042552 that mentions some tips regarding Release Value.

Hopefully you will find some help in those documents.

You know when something is off in the screen? Like when a field that is supposed to be enabled is disabled, or when a button is not visible.

Well, that smells like an issue within the Metadata configuration.

So if you ever need to double-check the Metadata to make sure that it's not impacting in the display of fields or buttons, you can access the Contract TSG "Metadata" area or you can read KBA 2044237.

Those are the documents more focused on troubleshooting and investigation when it comes to SRM Contracts.

Feel free to comment on anything :smile:

See you!