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As mentioned in our Q1 innovation blog, we continue to progress customers and products along the paths to success in this second product release in 2022. In Q2, we are introducing innovations with a continued focus on the user experience and growth of process areas supported!


Expanding access to key information while working within our products gets a boost in this release with Web Assistant help embedded within our guided buying area.  The supplier management process is simplified with increased visibility to data in the 360 dashboard as well as via changes to supplier review processes.  Integrated customer?  Check out the new capabilities delivered via our mapping application for Cloud Integration.  Read more about these advances in this blog and be sure to check out the entire list of almost 100 innovations in the Release Readiness area of SAP Ariba Connect.

Please review the complete list of features arranged by functional area planned for delivery to production on 20 May.  All are encouraged to register for or review at a later time the Early Release Series sessions that go in-depth to key features planned for delivery.


Highlights of the SAP Procurement 2205 Release


Guided Buying - Web Assistant

A popular assistance option to end-users in other SAP application areas, now guided buying users have access to the context-focused Web assistant.  Expanded access to user guidance from within the guided buying application drives increased adoption and reduced support times for key business activities. When updates are made to guided buying, direct access is provided to what’s new in the application.  These capabilities combine to make the end-user experience straightforward and simple.

Guided buying - Web Assistant


Supplier Management - Expanded summary view in 360 profile

The introduction of contact, risk profile, diversity and key supplier IDs through new panels in the summary area of the 360 profile drive increased efficiency in supplier management efforts.  A new supplier request panel separate from the profile is now available along with all of the prior data points available in the 360 profile.  Take a quick tour of the expanded capabilities here.

360 view of supplier profile data


Cloud Integration - improved mapping experience

New logical operators are now supported in the integration mapping tool allowing users to map multiple conditions in the tool.  An efficiency gain allowing up to 10 conditions to be considered in the integration world that can be seen in action here.

Cloud Integration mapping and condition improvements


For more information on SAP Procurement efforts, please visit:

  • Early Release Webcast Series here

  • Feature information portal (SAP Ariba Connect) available here

  • Help Portal Product Page for Procurement and Network

  • SAP Procurement Community: here

  • What’s New here

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Hi Rob,

thanks for sharing these information. One hint: "As mentioned in our Q1 innovation blog," --> the link seems to be not working. I get an "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.".


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Thank you Benedikt for the note.  I have updated the link and it should be available now.  I believe the prior link worked, but only for a brief period.  The new link should permanently function.  Appreciate you reaching out.