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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi There,

Welcome back to Fieldglass features.

As a Fieldglass Product Adoption Executive in Australia – I manage a portfolio of 10-15 customers at any one point in time. Each customer is different with different program goals, operational, organisational or regulatory constraints.

Our Solutions and Sales Advisory team have put together a great little FAQ collating some of the most frequently asked questions  - and answers.

Weather your' new to Fieldglass or an old hand, there's sure to be some gems of gold in this content that you can take away to improve your current program.

Contents include:

o             Home Page | Contingent Workforce Management

o             Job Posting Requisitions | Contingent Workforce Management Module

o             Candidate Review | Contingent Workforce Module

o             Supplier Distribution

o             Activity Items - On/Offboarding | Contingent Workers & Service Procurement Workers



Home Page | Contingent Workforce Management

Is the homepage customizable?

  • The homepage is configured for each individual user. Their relevant items can be included for easy view and action right from their homepage.

Can it include a logo?

  • Absolutely! Logo’s can replace the SAP Fieldglass Logo you see at the top

Can the colour scheme be modified?

  • There are standard colour schemes offered which align to the SAP Fiori standards, creating a consistent user experience across all SAP solutions.

Can customized reporting dashboards be added?

  • Yes! Custom reports created within our analytics can be displayed on the home screen. This provides your users with an experience which is relevant to their interests (and permission based).

What are the items which can be visible?

  • Announcements relevant to your organization, active Statement of Works, active requisitions, active workers, reports, navigation buttons, creation guidance, decision wizard, interview schedule, last visited items, favourite/starred items, work items, notifications, user Profile and login/logout options.

How easy it is to navigate the home page?

  • Fieldglass adopts a modern User Interface experience that is friendly for both mobile and web users. EnableNow (when available), provides you a guided experience for you to navigate inside the home page as needed.

Can it include shortcuts or quick links from the home page?

  • Yes definitely! Starring items such as Workers, Statement of Work, Job Requisitions, Draft Requests can be starred which makes it easy to come back or revisit the items they wish to return to.


Job Posting Requisitions | Contingent Workforce Management Module

Can additional fields be added?

  • No problem! There is no limit to the number of user-defined fields that can be included. These fields can be free text, number based, or picklist based. They are also immediately available for reporting.

Can the qualifications be modified?

  • Absolutely! SAP Fieldglass provides a library of standard qualifications, and you can also configure your own unique qualifications based on your requirements.

Where does my company data come from?

  • During setup, foundational fields such as business unit, cost centre, and site are configured so that when end users log in for the first time, they come pre-setup with all of their internal requirements. Many customers choose to integrate these master data elements from their HRIS and ERP systems as well to keep data in sync automatically.

Can SAP Fieldglass provide a list of templates to use?

  • SAP Fieldglass can provide guidance on best practices on template usage and samples. We find that most programs will start with their existing job descriptions though as they already contain client preferred language and go from there.

We don’t use standard job descriptions. What now?

  • A standard generic template can be created, and users may tailor each request to meet their needs. Over time you might find with the visibility and insights SAP Fieldglass can generate, you may want to explore standardized templates in order to advance your rate strategy as well as your strategic supplier mix.

Who decides the rate range?

  • Min and Max rate ranges are usually determined by the buyer. If you would like to allow increases in rates there is flexibility on the template to allow for that increase.

Do you have guidance on Market Rates?

  • Yes! Fieldglass offers real time rate guidance, on screen, to help managers estimate the cost of their position as well as negotiate that rate once a candidate has been selected.

Do approvers have to be in Fieldglass?

  • Approvers within the hierarchy do need a user account in order to approve. However, with our mobile and email-based approvals they can be included in the hierarchy without ever having to log in to the platform.

Can I build my own approval hierarchy?

  • Yes, each company will be able to define and configure their unique workflow within Fieldglass. Examples include approvals based on needs, org unit, rates, total spend, and length of assignment.

I need to make a change to the assignment, but it’s already approved.  What now?

  • Don’t worry! You can still revise an assignment or work order after it’s been approved.  You can decide to either simply make the change to the work order, or have users go through a formal approval process as changes occur.  Either way, SAP Fieldglass tracks each version for audit purposes.

My country/region of jurisdiction follows a specific wage rate, can I configure Fieldglass to ensure my job posting templates are compliant?

  • Compliance is one of Fieldglass' value levers and configuring specific Job Posting template rates that adheres to local regulatory policies such as wages can be configured in the solution.

I want to reduce email/third party communications with my suppliers? Is there a way Fieldglass can manage this process?

  • The chat functionality in Job Posting, Worker Information and Service Requests/Statement of Work can be used to communicate with business users and stakeholders who are registered or transacted to in Fieldglass.

Can I configure Job Posting Templates based on country/region of my organization's scope?

  • Yes absolutely! Locations and sites can be configured in Job Posting Templates specific to any location where the Job Posting is requested. Applicable configuration policies such as on-boarding / off-boarding items, rates, adjustment groups can also be configured based on location in Fieldglass.

Can my Job Requisitions link to the Position ID from SuccessFactors/3rd-party HRIS systems?

  • The integration with SuccessFactors allows both solutions to pull information from one another. The Position ID can be pulled from SuccessFactors and automatically shows it in Fieldglass whenever an external position is being sourced.

When a Job Requisition has been raised, is there a way that Fieldglass checks my existing Contingent Workers to rehire for the position?

  • The Talent Pool functionality gives business users/sourcing parties to see active talents in the organization whenever a Job Requisition are raised. This gives your users the ability to consider existing external workers to be rehired for a new contingent position being raised by the business user.


Candidate Review | Contingent Workforce Module

What does the score mean?

  • The scores are generated by an algorithm which assesses cost, qualifications, and availability out of 100. It is an objective method of assessing candidates on three categories to help provide guidance on overall candidate quality.

How are the stars generated?

  • While the qualification score provides that objective measurement, think of your star rating as your subjective review of each candidate based on not only the qualification score but also soft factors such as interview performance and organizational fit. The stars are the individual ratings provided by reviewers to each candidate.

Are you integrated with Outlook?

  • When scheduling interviews within Fieldglass, once they are confirmed by the supplier you will be able to download an outlook attachment to your calendar. SAP Fieldglass is fully integrated with Google calendars to pull in resource availability.

How do you define a do not rehire?

  • We find that this varies per organizations, and it is tied to worker close reasons you can configure.


Supplier Distribution

We only use one supplier.

  • Great! Then your distribution list will include that supplier only. The benefit is that they will now receive your requests electronically versus over email/phone call.

How do we add suppliers?

  • Authorized users will be able to send an electronic invitation to register within SAP Fieldglass. The registration process is simple and includes signing an electronic EUA for Fieldglass usage. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.

What if my supplier isn’t performing or drops out?

  • One of the advantages of implementing Fieldglass is that you’ll have full visibility to track supplier performance. If you find a supplier is no longer meeting your needs, they can be deactivated or temporarily removed from a distribution group.

Will Fieldglass recommend suppliers?

  • As a technology solution, Fieldglass remains vendor neutral. However, the beauty of Fieldglass is that you can track supplier performance and clear visibility into how each supplier is performing.

Will Fieldglass help capture and track talent pools?

  • Yes! SAP Fieldglass has talent pools that allow you to track individuals such as interns, retirees, silver medallists, etc. Fieldglass also offers a Candidate Portal to allow you to use your brand to attract talent. Allow candidates to self-register into your talent pool or even post temporary positions and allow candidates to apply directly. This is a great opportunity for cost savings as you can put these individuals under a payroll provider and not have to pay a fully sourced markup.

Does SAP Fieldglass integrate with Freelance Management Systems?

  • Yes! Currently SAP Fieldglass is integrated with Elevate and Twago but SAP Fieldglass has an open API framework and the ability to integrate with any FMS you’d like to use. The beauty of this approach is that managers have one place to go to initiate a requisition and one centralized place to review all types of candidates.

I want to set rules in supplier distribution. What options are available for me in configuring such?

  • Tiering, adding layers of approvals prior to supplier distribution, distribution scheduling are some examples of rules that can be applied in supplier distribution so yes, this is possible!

Can my suppliers receive notifications instantly whenever I raised a Job Requisition?

  • Suppliers are registered in Fieldglass, and they have what we call the supplier instance so that they can transact in one single solution as with you. They receive notifications through their work items to see whenever a Job Posting has been raised by a buying company.

Does Fieldglass support supplier qualification in reviewing qualified suppliers to provide Contingent Workers / Statement of Work / Service Requests for my organization?

  • At the moment, we only register qualified suppliers by the buyer, and we do not support supplier qualification in the solution. Ariba SLP on the other hand manages this process where the buyer can qualify suppliers from SLP and once the qualification activities are done, they can be registered and transact to Fieldglass afterwards.

I want to reduce email/third party communications with my suppliers? Is there a way Fieldglass can manage this process?

  • The chat functionality in Job Posting, Worker Information and Service Requests/Statement of Work can be used to communicate with business users and stakeholders who are registered or transacted to in Fieldglass. Suppliers can respond to communications sent out by users from the buyer side without going back and forth in emails.

Can I configure Fieldglass' suppliers specific to the ones providing Contingent Workers only and Statement of Work?

  • Yes! If you have preferred panel of vendors or suppliers for specific categories of external workforce coming in for you, you can create and tie specific templates to specific suppliers/vendors.


Activity Items - On/Offboarding | Contingent Workers & Service Procurement Workers

We do all of this in our HR system (SFSF/Workday/other system). Why do I need Fieldglass?

  • As a client’s contingent labour spend increases and the complexities of managing an external workforce evolve, a more focused and specialized solution becomes necessary to effectively manage the challenges of the business. The following are reasons why clients choose SAP Fieldglass over other ATS & HR tools for managing this specialized category of spend. For 13 years, Fieldglass has specialized in building features and functions unique to the contingent labour market, and its complex business requirements including:

  • Support for rates.

  • Budget tracking that automatically calculates the cost of an order based on complex rate structures, overtime, expenses, per diem and then tracks this against the actual spend.

  • Cost allocation that allows the manager to define up front where costs will be attributed and allows them to change this throughout the assignment as a worker moves between cost objects, projects & tasks.

  • Time sheet support that simplifies the time sheet process to automatically include things like overtime, on-call rates, shift differentials, activity rates, and more.

  • Invoicing and Tax support that differs by location.

  • Architected to Support Third Party Managed Service Providers (MSPs): Fieldglass has been architected from the ground up to be used and managed by Third Party MSPs. This allows the MSP to be in full control of your program, allowing them to do supply base management, configuration of business rules, management of day-to-day data and customized reporting. In addition, several features have been built which make the MSPs more efficient at managing the operations of this spend category, including PMO dashboard for managing overdue tasks, built in chat for assisting managers and suppliers, configurable workflow that builds the MSP into the process, upload/download utilities for managing data in bulk such as assignment revisions, changes to rate cards, etc.

  • Built for Variety of User Types including Suppliers & Contractors: Fieldglass is not just a buyer-side tool; Fieldglass has put much effort into building capabilities that support all parties in the process, including your suppliers and your contractors. For example, suppliers can configure workflow that automatically routes orders to the correct local recruiter, suppliers can create custom reports for weekly payroll or invoice reconciliation, and suppliers can actively participate in the on/off boarding workflow to ensure that HSE activities are completed and auditable.

We have many requirements per organization for Onboarding/Offboarding items. Is it just one company wide list?

  • No, you can tailor these lists by site, labour type, and/or by org unit.

Can I assign Onboarding/Offboarding items to key stakeholders for them to manage?

  • You can add activity items from the Activity Items Tab in the Worker Profile and add the key stakeholders (e.g., IT, Facilities, Human Resources, Supplier) who's supposed to take action on the activity item.

Can I assign tasks directly to the worker through the activity item list?

  • You can add activity items from the Activity Items Tab in the Worker Profile and add the key stakeholders (e.g. IT, Facilities, Human Resources, Supplier) who's supposed to take action of the activity item.

How can the workers fulfill those activity item/tasks assigned to them?

  • Workers are provided with their own instance to login to Fieldglass to log their timesheet, absences, expenses and even the tasks that are assigned to them. They just need to login and tag the activity item as complete/execute the action required to mark the task or activity item as complete.


Stay turned, Part 2 will be coming shortly