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Hello SAP Ariba Community!

We're delighted to announce the exciting new features in our 2402 release for SAP Ariba Supplier Management. Our primary objective is to enhance your supplier management processes and give the best experience possible for your users, and we believe our latest updates do just that!

Let's delve into the new features:

New supplier profile summary

Our new Supplier Profile Summary feature introduces an enhanced user experience including enhanced visuals with clearer highlighted information, improved overall user experience readability and a new operational score panel with data from integrated S/4 HANA operational KPIs if available. This provides a comprehensive view of your suppliers, leading to informed decision-making.

New supplier profile summaryNew supplier profile summary

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we have moved to s-user ID & SAP4Me to enable the new supplier profile and the enablement of finding and event collaboration in SAP Ariba Supplier Risk. This change allows us to leverage the SAP standard provisioning processes and simplifies the process of enabling finding and event collaboration, making it more user-friendly and efficient. You can find out more at Learn All About S-User IDs! and SAP for Me – More for You! as well as our upcoming 2402 SAP Ariba Supplier Management blog post.

Bulk Engagement Request Creation and Corresponding Actions in SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Many of our customers love the ability to manage suppliers and engagements for risk however sometimes this detailed management can apply across multiple suppliers at once such as when evaluating supplier's human rights compliance. This new feature is a game-changer for improving the efficiency of this. Enter your business details once, specify a list of suppliers, and voila! You have a new engagement request created for each supplier. This feature also provides the capabilities to approve the engagements and send the assessments in bulk. This not only streamlines the engagement process but also expedites your business operations.

Creating a human rights due diligence engagement request for multiple suppliersCreating a human rights due diligence engagement request for multiple suppliers

Ability to Download SAP Region Code Data

With this feature, you can download current SAP region code data, ensuring that address answers in supplier management questionnaires include region codes that are valid in an integrated ERP system. If you are integrated with non-SAP ERP systems you can then download and customize these files to create and upload their own region code data with the correct formatting. This feature provides an added layer of data compatibility and standardization.

Prepopulate Matrix Values from Intake Form Into Modular Questionnaires

This feature allows you to prepopulate matrix values in modular questionnaires with entries from the intake form, improving the efficiency of the qualification process and preventing user errors when completing the modular questionnaire.

Improvements to the Automatic Start of Supplier Registration Feature

This enhancement ensures that supplier registrations are started automatically under additional conditions, reducing manual effort and increasing process efficiency and ensuring more comprehensive automatic start scenarios to include:

- When primary supplier contacts are added or imported for the very first time into SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance, and
- When supplier requests are externally approved in an integrated SAP Master Data Governance - Suppliers (MDG-S) system, and confirmed in SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance

We're thrilled about these improvements and hope you find them as beneficial as we do. We look forward to continually innovating to provide our customers with the best procurement solutions.

Stay tuned and subscribe for more updates!

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Thank you for this informative blog, Bertaus.


How are the upgrades carried out? Is it up to the customer to upgrade it and how long is the period till an automatic upgrade takes place?


Best regards