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This Blog shares information about checks relevant for Search in SRM UI ADD on 1.0.

Checks for set up

  1. Check if TREX server is connected to SRM server.
  2. Once TREX server is present, connect ESH with TREX using program ESH_ADM_SET_TREX_DESTINATION.
  3. Create search connectors and start indexing for SRMNXP01 either using ESH_COCKPIT tool or using report program ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC.
  4. Once indexing is done, run report program ESH_TEST_SEARCH with value Object Type = SRMNXP02_CATALOG.
  5. This should result in search results, if set up is correct.

Search is performed once data is extracted and indexed in to system and search results are displayed.

However, user searching on UI might not find all data indexed into system.

     Search screen with results

When user enters search term or selects any filter attribute, certain checks are performed in backend.

These checks determine what search results are to be shown to user.

Below are checks performed in backend to display search result.

   Debugging snapshot

1.  Webservice ID.

       User is checked for Web service ID for catalogs assigned in PPOMA_BBP.

  2. Matgroup / Product categories.

  1. User is checked against app Product categories
    assigned in PPOMA_BBP, authorization activity ‘S_PCAT’ assigned to user.
  2. If authorization activity ‘S_PCAT’ is not
    assigned to user, then he is allowed to search against all product categories,
    PPOMA_BBP assignment is not considered here.

   PFCG , authorization activity

3. Deletion Indicator

      Items, where deletion indicator is set to false are only displayed to user.

4. Price validity

     PRICE_VALID_TO and PRICE_VALID_TO are checked and for items, where PRICE is valid is only

5. CAT_VIEW attribute for user is maintained '*' or if catalog view exists relevant value exists in PPOMA.

Customers can overwrite the standard checks in Search and rank implementation BADI shown below.

   Search rank BADI implementation

For any search or filter the checks defined above must be passed to see results.

Debugging can be done  class /SRMNXP/CL_SRH_CTLG_DATA_PRVDR method GET_ENTITYSET(), line 279 to see what lt_attributes are passed to Enterprise search. (lt_attributes contains all the checks).

Note: If  search results stop working suddenly, do below checks.

  1. Check RFC connection to TREX server is up in transaction SM59.
  2. If it is down and again it is up Delete all search connectors, re-create and re index them  either using ESH_COCKPIT tool or using report program ESH_ADM_INDEX_ALL_SC.
  3. Check if search working in report program ESH_TEST_SEARCH with value Object Type = SRMNXP02_CATALOG.
  4. If yes, then check user authorization as mentioned above.
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