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What is SAP Community for Suppliers? 

You might know SAP Community as a collection of topic pages with dedicated content, but did you know that it also is a thriving blogging platform for SAP customers, partners and employees that receives over 4.6 million unique visitors each month?  Anyone with an account can, and is encouraged to, interact by posting questions or posts/blogs which can be responded to and commented on by other users. Users can also subscribe to specific tags and other users, join groups and more. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably either a supplier or interested in supplier content. I have good news for you! 

Check out the SAP Business Network for Suppliers page on SAP Community for the best and latest content for network suppliers. Here you can find content to extract as much value as possible from your supplier account on SAP Business Network including information on the latest releases, webinars, demo videos, blogs, guides, and more. The page is updated often so be sure to check in regularly to get the newest updates. 

Share Your Knowledge and Build Your Reputation as an Expert 

The special thing that makes the Community so powerful is that it gives our customers a chance to learn from and share with other customers in a quick and simple way. This is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to share best practices they have derived from their own implementation of SAP software, lessons they’ve learned, and to have questions answered from their peers. 

Setting Up Your Profile

If you don’t already have one, you can follow these simple instructions to set up your profile on SAP Community. 

1. Go to community.sap.com and click the avatar in the top right corner to either login or sign up. 


 2. You will be asked to specify your username. We encourage members to use their real names as their username. You should not use your company name or user ID (see this tutorial for more information).  

3. You will receive an account-activation email where you can follow the directions to complete your registration.  

4. You can now access and set up your profile! Be sure to make it public so you can engage with community members, set up your communication preferences, follow tags, content, and people. And don't forget to add your expertise and a brief description so other members of the community can recognize you. 

5. Check out the rules of engagement to learn how to interact on the platform. 

Becoming an Active Blogger and Community Member

Once you have your account created, you can be active by posting a blog, starting a discussion, commenting, asking and answering questions, giving a like or kudos, and so on. Here is how you can begin publishing “posts”, aka blogs, on the platform and engaging with your peers and SAP. 

1. Select where you want to publish within the community 

    Click here for the ‘Spend Management’ board or you can choose another board 

2. Choose the blogging section ‘Blogs by members’  


   OR via many areas within the site (such as the main community landing page) 

3. Click the blue "Create a Post" button 


4. Make sure you add the SAP managed tag ‘SAP Business Network for Suppliers’ to all related content. 


5. Either save it as a draft, submit it for review if it’s your first post, or click publish. The SAP Community moderation team reviews posts from new members until they achieve the necessary privileges to post directly, usually after your first couple of blogs have been published. At that point, you can directly publish your posts without any review necessary. 


6. You can also add other tags and labels to help users find your content  

7. Keep track of your blogs via the Blog Dashboard on the right-hand side 


Additional Notes 

  • Depending on your rank within the community, you may not be able to publish blog posts directly. The SAP Community moderation team reviews posts (submitted within the "by Members" sections) from new members until they achieve the necessary privileges to post directly. 
  • For further information see Help - SAP Community 


Create your profile and start sharing your invaluable experience today! Happy blogging 😃