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External workers play an important role in driving sustainability initiatives within modern organizations. With their unique expertise and specialized skill sets, these contracted or freelance professionals bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to tackle pressing sustainability challenges head-on.

With the inherent flexibility that external workers offer that enables organizations to scale their businesses, it is important that we manage these types of workers effectively while being compliant and sustainable in our management practices.

How you manage your external worker population can play a large contributing role in achieving your sustainability goals - including but not limited to improved working conditions, promotion of Health & Safety best practices, diversity and inclusion and more.

External Workforce Management programs, powered by SAP Fieldglass, drive sustainability for both your External Workers and organization to adopt industry-leading practices.

Focusing on 4 different pillars of Human Capital Management in the context of External Workforce, here’s how SAP Fieldglass can best support you:

  • People: Report on and achieve your Diversity and Inclusion targets through SAP Fieldglass Reporting capability

                   Fig.1. Reporting on Diversity and Inclusion Targets with SAP Fieldglass’ Reporting


  • Process: Maximize diverse and strong skillsets from your External workforce and be able to equip them for success through effective fatigue management, new hire readiness and employing fair practices for External Workers.

               Fig.2. Managing your External Workers’ Onboarding and Offboarding Items through SAP                              Fieldglass


  • Policy: Enable organizations to stay compliant on top of applicable legislation for external workers. Through compliant tenure and engagement policies, ensures that External Workers are protected while embracing the core principles of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #8 of Decent Work and Economic Growth

              Fig. 3. Actively manage and track External Workers’ Tenure to ensure compliance with                                   applicable Rules of Engagement

  • Technology: Digitization helps reduce paper process across timesheets, invoicing, resumes and manual processes for all stakeholders managing the external workforce, promoting sustainability among businesses, society and the environment. See Siemen’s success story below:


Customer Success Story

Siemens reduced end to end processes and saved $17 million: With a fragmented management system and multiple technologies in use, Siemens implemented SAP Fieldglass to centralize their external workforce management and streamline processes.  The company soon proved the value through cost savings and process efficiencies:​

  • $17 million saved since launch of the program​.

  • Cycle time reduced by 25%​

  • 40,000 paper invoices eliminated.

Trust the world’s leading Vendor Management System to manage your External Workforce Management program.

With SAP Fieldglass, grow your External Workforce’s potential sustainably. Learn more through this demo video.