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We recently upgraded our SRM from 5.5 to 7 and with this change we were introduced with the SAP CORBU theme.


The new SRM 7 is WDA driven with the FPM architecture but the MDM is still a java based application that is hosted in our case on our SAP Portal 7.4,

Altought the portal 7.4 comes with the sap_corbu it is not supported as the main theme , and specific to our case we already had a custom theme to match our corporate design language.

The Problem:

1) How to match the MDM look & feel to SRM.


MDM (SAP Tradeshow Plus):

The Solution:

As a portal developer I'm well familiar with the sap-css url parameter but the problem was how to incorporate this parameter with in the standard Catalog flow,

after a hour of debugging i found this BADI:


This badi is called every time the navigation to MDM occured, i've added this code:

under CAT_CALL_ENRICH method

    DATA: ls_post_values LIKE LINE OF ct_post_values,

              lv_portal_url      TYPE string.

     " You can also reffer your abap stack theme if no portal is present.

     lv_portal_url = 'http://yourPortalAddress:PORT'.

     ls_post_values-fieldname = 'sap-cssurl'.

    CONCATENATE lv_portal_url '/com.sap.portal.design.urdesigndata/themes/portal/sap_corbu/r/ls/ls_sf3.css?v=' INTO ls_post_values-fieldcont.

    APPEND ls_post_values TO ct_post_values.

END Result:

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