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Dear ALL ,

This is one of the new things I came across which previously was being done by modifying the webdynpro in the SRM system .

The need of this change is to  define priority for many documents like SC and Vendor list in the SOCO where they are waiting to get converted to PO

and if there is a lot of such documents it is difficult to understand how to prioritize them .

The  pre requisite for doing so is the business function SRM_CROSS_INDUSTRY_1 as we see mentioned in the link .

and is mostly used where we also have PPS implemented .


However , I am not sure how many clients really have that switch activated as well as PPS implemented .

So  , I came across a similar option in  IMG at below place .

Just though to document it as it’s a relatively new feature and not sure if many people have used it as such ..

Be default :

For SC : BUS2121 these settings are not displayed


Below values come automatically and you could add a new custom entry as needed in the list below .

We can add text or add an image as shown as well ..or delete the existing options ..

Case 1 : We can let the user add value in this field in the SC display as well ..

In the SPRO config add the standard field related to document priority and make it visible . editable

And required as needed .

This will show it up in the SC item details screen.

Case 2 : We can add the value to this field automatically in the DOC_CHANGE BADI or DOC_SAVE Badi

Based on the custom logic and NO need to show it in the portal for the end user to fill it .


LOOP AT et_item INTO ls_item WHERE del_ind IS INITIAL.
“Define custom logic to populate the field priority from backend”

     ls_item-doc_priority = ‘HIGH’.




Based on the value shown in the field it will automatically come in the result column as well as in the selection criteria in the SOCO screen

Result : The buyer or the Purchasing officer can then pick up those carts which are at a higher priority than the others from the list of carts and thus speed up the PO creation for them.

Note : This requirement has been asked by many clients I have worked with before and it generally use to require modifying the Webdynpro component

/SAPSRM/WDC_DO_SOCO_GAF_1  both its selection criteria and its result column section .

However now we can reduce the efforts by making use of this functionality in the config itself .

I have not used it for Vendor list as such but maybe someone else can try doing that and post a document for it here as well .

Thanks for your time to read through . Do let me know if this helps !