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Large organizations which have multiple SAP Business systems implemented require a seamless integration between them. A Business document created in the dependent system requires update from backend financial Business document to respond with confirmation that the financial Business document is created in the backend.

This document will provide root-cause analysis steps, resolution of the issue and correction to be carried to the documents which is already affected by the issue.

This document will be based on SAP SRM, SAP ECC integration and will focus on the issue when a Shopping Cart is created and approved in SAP SRM and PO create XML comes into SAP ECC, where as the Confirmation XML of the PO creation doesn’t get triggered due to issues with the Event Linkage workflow.

System Details and Pre-requisites

System Details:

    1. SAP SRM 7.0 - EHP2.
    2. SAP ERP 6.0 - EHP6.


This document assumes that user is familiar with SAP SRM, SAP ECC Integration, Documents (Shopping Cart and Purchase Order) creation and configurations on the output workflow linkage for the PO.

InDetail – Purchase Order Output Event failure and Fix:

Issue & Root Cause Analysis:

  1. A shopping cart is created in SRM, when approved in SRM sends a Purchase order Create request to ECC via the XML interface - PurchaseOrderERPRequest_In_V1 and in response to this post PO creation, ECC sends out a Confirmation to SRM via the XML interface - PurchaseOrderERPConfirmation_Out.  This part of the document explains where the confirmation expected to be sent is not done as expected.
  2. A Shopping Cart is created and approved in SRM. The status of the Shopping Cart is “Item in Transfer Process” for very longer time than expected. Usually the update of status - “Follow-On Document created” happens momentarily to the Shopping Cart, but if it stays in this state, then are 2 possible reasons for the same as explained in next point.



    3. There are 2 possible reasons for the Shopping cart to stay in this state:

    1. There is possible data error which caused the Purchase Order creation fail, in such case, the Shopping Cart ends up into “Error In Transmission” state. In this case solution is to create a new Shopping Cart with correct data.
    2. Purchase order is created, whereas the XML generated post PO creation confirmation didn’t reach SRM due XML failure or another possible situation where  XML was never generated. The XML failure can be handled by reprocessing the failed XML which will update the Shopping cart status to “Follow-On Document   Created” state. This document explains on what to be done when PO is created and never an XML was generated to confirm the PO creation. This is a clear indication of PO output event failure.

     4. The above Shopping Cart – 1000047534, which was approved has created PO as shown below: BBP_PD:




     5. Check the SXI_MONITOR to see if a confirmation XML was generated.


Like seen below the inbound PO creation XML - PurchaseOrderERPRequest_In_V1 is available in ECC, where as the confirmation for PO creation is not sent out. This is potentially because Purchase Order Output Event linkage doesn’t work fine.


       6. To make sure that PO output is configured well and it is up and running correctly.  Please perform steps to do the same.

            a. See the event linkages for PO in ECC, go to transaction SWETYPV, check for following entries in the list:

                    CL_SE_PUR_PO_WF_OUT ~CHANGED.

                    CL_SE_PUR_PO_WF_OUT ~CREATED.



      7. As it can been seen clearly that the “Created” entry is in error. This is the reason why the PO output confirmation was not sent out as the PO was created.  

       8. To see the failed output entries(PO Confirmation failures) entries until now go to transaction- SWEQADM.

  As can be seen below there is failed entry for not sending the PO confirmation out.



Issue Resolution:

1. The issue now is that the Event linkage to the PO Output didn’t trigger the XML confirmation as there is an error in linkage. This has to be corrected for the POs created henceforth to send the confirmation out.

2. Go to transaction SWETYPV.

a. Locate the entry:



b. Change the Value of Receiver status from Errors to “No Errors” as shown below:

c. To avoid further issues of all PO XML confirmations not being sent out because of single error PO confirmation, change the value of "Behavior Upon Error Feedback” from to

d. Post change the entry should like below:

e.  Save the changes and exit.

Sending out XML Purchase Orders Confirmation- Failed ones:

1. Now that the linkage error is corrected, we have to send out the XMLs for the Purchase orders which failed to send out the Confirmation XMLs -      PurchaseOrderERPConfirmation_Out.

2. Go to Transaction – SWEQADM, and click on tab “Linkages With Errors”.


3. Look for the entries - CL_SE_PUR_PO_WF_OUT~CREATED. Those are the ones which are of our interest which corresponds to failed Purchase Order Confirmation XML  generation.

4. Select the line item of our interest and click on “Deliver Again”. Select the line item in the next screen and click on the tick button.


5. The line item will disappear as it got processed.

6. Go to SXI_MONITOR to find the Confirmation XML - PurchaseOrderERPConfirmation_Out.The XML is present as expected.


7. Now to SRM to check the Shopping Cart- 1000047534 Status in the BBP_PD. Now the Shopping Cart changed to “Follow-on Document Created”. With PO number being  updated.



This document provides a conceptual idea of output confirmation XML message failure handling. This can be used with any 2 systems where the downstream system fails to send create confirmation of the document back to the parent document.

Please provide feedback through comments.