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Hi Everyone,

Often during SAP Ariba implementation, we create several Analytical Reports in Ariba Test realm as per customer's requirements. However, it becomes a redundant task to create those same reports in Production realm during cutover.

This blog explains the steps to import Analytical Reports from Ariba test realm to Production realm.


Parameter Application.Analysis.ReportDumpFromUIEnabled must be set as Yes in Ariba Test and Production realms.

This parameter is controlled by SAP Ariba Support team and you need to create a case to set this parameter value as Yes.


Step 1: In your Test realm, move all the reports which you want to export in a new folder under ‘Public Reports’ folder

Step 2: Click on the folder 🡪 Click ‘Action’ under Create select Export Reports in Folder to File and select a destination to save in your local system and save the file.

Step 3: In your Production realm, under Public Reports create a folder in which you want to import the reports.

Step 4: Click on the folder 🡪 Click Action > under Create select Import Reports from File to Folder 🡪 Select the file you saved in your local system and then click Import

Following additional points needs to be ensured before importing the reports from one realm to another:

  • Ensure you have Full System Groups assigned for Report Administration. 
  • Ensure Reports Exported does not contain any Custom Fields, Custom Measures, and Custom Measure Calculations.
  • Avoid Reports with Fact Sources not available in Destination Realm.
  • Ensure Reports Exported does not contain Filter Criteria for selected values only existing in Source Realm
  • Avoid using Personal Workspace due to potential conflicts or limitations of User Roles, Permissions, or Folder Access.
  • Ensure Report UNIQUE Owner ID exist in both Source + Destination Realm. To ensure uniqueness, it is safe to have all Report Owner as functional Owner Username (Customer Support Admin). Owner of a Report Name can be changed under Attributes for a Report Name. Change to Owner (Customer Support Admin) requires this User to perform this.
  • Ensure the content in the Folder Exported ONLY contain plain SAP Ariba Reports (i.e. not other Document Formats).


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