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We all know the how SAP keeps improving its products with

     New releases


     Service packs


This time I wanted to return back to SAP by combing everyone's Idea in the forum Thus , I would like to exchange  some ideas on what were the Customer driven Enhancements which were made in SRM landscape and which have proven to be valuable to the client . This way we can combine ideas across multiple SRM landscape and can do value add for other clients as well who are looking for continuous improvement .

It could be something which was done to make the existing features change in SRM or It could be an additional feature in SRM which is not provided in SRM standard or maybe is SAP standard but client tweaked it in their own way and it proved to be more beneficial

It would be helpful if pasted in the format as below if needed  additional details can still be included below the same .

Issue description :

Issue Details

Fix employed :

Technical Details : BADI / Class / Method name

Is it provided in SAP standard :

Examples from my end :

CASE 1 : Issue description :  Gr Error message enhancement issue

Issue Details : When trying to Do GR for Fully Grd or locked / deleted line items SC it gives Error message which are not easy to understand .

Fix employed : SAP OSS note 1665796 for GR message enhancement fixes a part of the problem but we also have to make changes in Web dynpro Component

Technical Details : BADI / Class / Method name  /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_BO_CONF_PS View V_SEARCH


Is it provided in SAP standard :  No

CASE 2 : Issue description : Making rejection reason mandatory

Issue Details  ; While rejecting a SC make the reason of rejection mandatory

Fix employed : check the condition where SC is being opened by approver , Check if the carts are having status as rejected if yes check if note if filled 

Technical Details : BADI / Class / Method name DOC_CHECK _BADI

Is it provided in SAP standard : No

CASE 3 : Issue description :Shopping cart currency

Issue Details SC currency is being picked from users attribute and PO currency is picked from vendor We cannot make the SC currency same as PO currency since it defeats the purpose of using SRM since it  has to be requestor specific however we could give user idea on what the currency of the PO would be rather them leaving them to guess it on their own .

Fix Description : Make currency at Item level same as Vendor currency and make changes at item level to disable the field when the currency is changed at item level to vendor currency . Display an information message in  that currency has been changed .

Technical Details : BADI / Class / Method name DOC CHANGE BADI   , DOC CHECK BADI , Meta Deta concept

Is it provided in SAP standard : No

I would request everyone to come forward and share their views on the topic even if its a minor code change , SPRO change , Note applied which solved a long issue or maybe something they want to change in the system