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Hi All,

Please go through the below. It may help you.

In order to create a report at toolbar level in Master Agreement as shown below

Please follow the below Steps:-

For Example if you want to generate the report in the form of Excel sheet through reports in Master Agreement then create a sample Excel sheet and add it in system as below.

1)     1)  Go to Setup --> System Setup-->  User interface-->  File attachment container




Through the file attachment picker attach the created sample excel sheet.

Keep purpose as Workbook Template and path name same as the attachment name.

Click on SAVE and DONE.

2) Create a Query as required by you and then attach the above attachment through the Workbook template Picker as shown below.

1)    3) Create a Report and then add the above created query.

Everything is ready and now in order to add the above created report in the reports at toolbar level in Master Agreement. Please do as below.

2)    4) Go to Setup--> Document Setup--> General--> Document Report Configuration.

5)  Click on NEW

1)    6)  

a)         a) Give display Name as convenient for you to identify.

b)         b) Choose the Master Agreement class (1004) from drop down menu in Business Document Type in above screen shot.

c)         c) Click on Add internal report and then search for the report created by you and click on SAVE

d)         d) Check the checkbox named Export to Excel as shown in above screen shot.

e)         e) Click on SAVE and DONE.


      7)   After performing then created report can be seen as below.



      Excel report will be generated by clicking on Agreement Summary report.

     You can follow below mentioned link also which would be usefull.




     Hope it helps you.....



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