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Net due date for the invoice is the actual date on which the invoice is due for the payment. While processing the invoices manually or automatically through F110 we need to select the invoices which are open. That means those which are pending and due for payment. In short, one can recognize these invoices based on the net due date.

To calculate net due date we need to consider Terms of payment of the invoice. We need to maintain this payment term either in master data or invoice.

T code to create terms of payment: OBB8

Example: Payt term -TM30

To consider baseline date for the invoice we have four options. 1. Posting date of the document 2. Document date 3. Entry date of the document 4. No default

Here, in this example we have selected posting date as baseline date.

Net due date= Baseline date + No of days

You can see here, posting date=13.08.2017

Therefore, Baseline date = 13.08.2017

As per the payment terms we need to add 30days into baseline date to calculate net due date for the invoice.

Hence Net due date= 13.08.2017 + 30 days

= 12.09.2017

In addition to this we can use fixed day and additional month to calculate baseline date.


Here fixed day =15 and additional month =1

So baseline date would be 15th day of the next month from posting date.

Your valuable remark or queries if you have any would be most welcome.



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Nice document.


Could you explain how we can calculate the payment due date from MIGO Posting date in MIRO document.


Thanks in advance

Bunty Rana
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Hello Bunty,


Thank you.


Payment due date is calculated once you done the invoice either through MIRO or direct posting through FI. The due date is calculated based on payment term in both the cases. We have to maintain payment term in PO document and the same is considered while posting the invoice. calculation remains the same as mentioned above.



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Hi Anjum,

In the case of MIRO Document:

When we post the MIRO document the payment days should calculate from MIGO posting date. we want the at time of Baseline field automatically update same as MIGO posting date.



Thanks & Regards,