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If you have your recently upgraded to Netweaver 740 and using enterprise portal for your applications you must have  seen a difference in the color of the portal from Blue or Grey ? We faced a similar issue wherein we were not able to understand on how we could get the colors back after upgrade . I did a bit of my research and finally this document lists out what we did exactly .

Check the component version from SYSTEM >>> STATUS and you would see what you release is .

This is how the new color theme looks like after you upgrade the backend which is a grey colored portal

If you compare this with the original Portal screen it was having some Blue colored theme.

We raised a note to SAP on how we could get the colors back.

SAP asked us to refer note 2086049 - Change the theme for Web Dynpro ABAP and they asked us to change WDTHEMEROOT  but not sure what value should we enter here ..

Previously before upgrade it was blank and that is what we did by removing the existing value of SAP_CORBU but it did not work. Below are the steps we followed which helped us to get the portal colors back :


STEP 1 Right click and find the component name for your application if its SRM application then we use the Webdynpro / FPM component FPM_OIF_COMPONENT we need to set some values in the parameter tab to override standard values.

Expand webdynpro application

Select application /sapsarm/wda_l_fpm_oif Select the parameters tab of it


These changes will save in the transport. After these changes moved to other client we need to do below manual steps to effect changes globally

STEP 2: Go to Webdynpro component WD_GLOBAL_PARAMETER

Expand Webdynpro application & select WD_GLOBAL_SETTING application

Right click on WD_GLOBAL_SETTING and click TEST.

Then new window opened in the browser. Click change button

Now change the default theme from SAP_CORBU to SAP_TRADESHOW

Click save and close the browser.

STEP 3 : How to activate Webdynpro service for global Webdynpro component WD_GLOBAL_COMPONENT.

Go to Transaction SICF . Click on Execute Then follow the below path

Expand SAP node and check for webdynpro application WD_GLOBAL_SETTINGS in SAP>>BC >> Webdynpro>> SAP>>  See currently WD_GLOBAL_SETTINGS IS deactivated so we need to activate it by right clicking

Select that application WD_GLOBAL_SETTINGS Then click right click & activate service.

We will get below pop up message Click on Yes

Now application is activated.

Now the colors on the Portal screen should be back to how it was before upgrade . Remember if you are not asked for transports it means these changes needs to be done in each of the system individually for which you may need to request for  opening of the client by basis team.

Refer additional links and SAP notes as below



2124106 - Themes for Unified Rendering based UI technologies (Web Dynpro ABAP/Java, BSP, SAPGUI for ...

2000125 - Visual Design "SAP Blue Crystal" forUnified Rendering based applications.

There could be some other way  as well to be able to do this from Portal and this is just one of the ways which I have used successfully .

Thanks for reading through