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My name is Mohammed Basheer Ahmed and friends call me BASH. I have completed my Masters in Digital Systems and also i am pursuing Post graduate diploma in Supply Chain Management. Some people find it difficult but i love to explore new things every time. I never thought i would be studying anything further after my Masters but that was not what happened. I had gone training in ABAP and then again in SRM. After this I started exploring things on my own in the field of SAP. I happen to come across an institute which would offer post graduate diploma(distance learning) and that too in supply chain management to which i was related with my work(SAP SRM). I thought why not try this one too and took it up as a challenge. Today I am in a situation where i feel i know my subject but still have the hunger to learn more. I dont know if this is good or bad. But i love what i do.

I am from a small town called 'Warangal'. Its a place known for its hygiene. The Municipal cooperation has  done its best to keep the city clean and it had been aired in an episode of Satyameva Jayate on Star plus channel. Proud to talk about my home town... :wink:

I thank Blog it Forward - Dibyendu Patra for forwarding me the opportunity.

My Ambition is to start a IT company on my own some day. Obviously it would take time and experience but I would hope it would happen some time later in my life.

My Best friend is my cousin syed zubair....

Me and my friends....The person towards the right end is my brother. The other three are also my friends who are Doctors.

I love spending time with my friends as much i love sitting and solving SAP issues.

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I would forward it to friends, but unfortunately all of my friends have already blogged on the chain....

Thats all for now, hope you liked my blog....