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Fellow SAPProcurement enthusiasts Its been a while blogging in the SCN SRM space, much like my current thirst for a ideal hybrid platform, even my thought-process focus has spread across the broader SAP Procurement landscape which is a mix of the SAP Procurement cluster thats expanded with the SAP Business Network strategy powered by Ariba, Fieldglass & Concur

I recently attended #AribaLIVE LasVegas and sapphirenow Orlando and the demand signals in the Procurement area are clear that we all "customer, consultants, partners, ISV's and industry relevant souls" need to be tuned to the 360 degree storyline.

If you are doing that without the adoption of the cloud in your enterprise hybrid story, your incumbency will cost you dearly, sooner or later !!!

I will be blogging on the skill-set now that has further expanded beyond Ariba, when we started the expansion story from 2012 June onwards
Many of you have reached out to me after that with so many interesting and also cynical queries around your mindset, now the story just gets more complex with the realm of the hybrid SAP Procurement landscape and also the business network story wrapped around it.

Dont know, if you are docked with the latest in the space, but lets say you haven't, note that the #procurement family has expanded @ SAP with the acquisitions and now call for a renewal in your thought process to make your businesses Runsimple

Read, all these 3 experience oriented blogs posted by me in the Ariba Exchange and also the SAPPHIRENOW and SAP Business Networks campus, coz thats where i camp now, and am sure, you too will, after digesting the NET NEW platforms out there for all of us

Blog 1: Is it time for #procurement RENEWAL? #RunSimple has the answers in TheNetworkedEconomy

In this Blog, I've decoded Bill McDermott's runsimple for procurement and the realm of businessnetwork w/SAP

Blog 2: My First 360 Degrees #AribaLive Experience in more than 140 characters

read this to understand the new dimensions in the procurement space w/SAP

Blog 3: "While you were away" #AribaLIVE Vegas twitteratti, trending heatmap & sentiment recap

twitter sentiment from AribaLIVE

the above infographic would have given you a pulse into whats new for us, topics & the latest sentiment & the demand signals and if you havent been tuned, now is the time, as a start ......read anna.millman

pen down your concerns or what you want to hear as follow-on for the topics above or roadmap/vision related nuggets with your valuable comments