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Who is or has been your idol in the tech industry? Who inspires you?

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This year Ada Lovelace Day is on Tuesday, October 11th.

It is a day that puts a spotlight on women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

To acknowledge in the inspiration of Ada Lovelace Day, one only needs to consider how much has changed over the past 150 years for women and why it’s so important to attract & retain women in the tech industry.  Along with myself, Dell Stinnett-Christy, Karen Rodrigues and  Mariajose Martinez, please are your stories & inspirations.  Also see blog commemorating Ada Lovelace Day.

Who is or has been your idol in the tech industry? Who inspires you?

Karen Rodrigues: My idols were other SAP Mentors who knew a lot and helped me along the way. Today I try to give back to the SAP Community the teachings and inspirations I have received.

Mariajose Martinez:  Women in general. I do what I do because I'm passionate about technology for sure. But at the same time, being able to help women gain empowerment in the IT industry by leveraging technologies for development, and designing many business ideas for improving people's lives, is something that simply motivates and inspires me.

Dell Stinnett-Christy: Grace Hopper has been my hero for a long time.  She started working with computers in the 1940's and was responsible for the foundations of a lot of what we do now with computers.

Tammy Powlas: so many people have inspired me, such as Will Grannis who is now the CEO of Google Public Sector was always positive and Marilyn Pratt who was all about empathy.


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

It's wonderful to see how women inspire and how they are role models. Thanks for collecting the feedback and ideas from these great and passionate women and sharing it in SAP Community @TammyPowlas  - everyone, I definitely recommend to read and like Tammy's blog post today ... for another special reason...


... just saying ... 😊

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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

My sister Nelya was my inspiration to get into IT.

As a student of applied mathematics, she introduced me -- 14 years old at the time -- to the world of programming.

After graduation, she used to work as a teacher of Informatics at our school in Ukraine. Here is a picture of her class from 2002:




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That's really cool! 👏

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