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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi community,

It has been such a pleasure engaging with you over the last year, but one thing I realized is we have not yet had a chance to have a round of introductions! Better late than ever right?

I would love to know where you are from, where you work, why you joined our community page, and a random fun fact about you...I will go first..

My name is Sarah, my pronouns are they/them, I am from Tanzania in East Africa, I was raised there before moving to London to start my bachelor's degree and then later on moving to Germany to finish my studies. I am a Project Manager for the SAP Women in Tech team and a random fun fact about me is I train in the strongman and powerlifting sports..oh and I have 3 cats who are my world! 

Your turn....


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi everyone! I am Selina and I work as a working student for SAP Women in Tech since last year. I just started my master studies in E-Learning and Media didactics. Also I am a photographer and happy to be part of our community and to listen to all of your interesting journeys and stories in the Tech branch.


Thank you @sarahborda1  for this discussion.

I was born and raised in Nigeria before moving to the Netherlands for studies and later settling here in the Netherlands. I started my SAP journey recently and have been highly impressed with different kinds of support in this new career path. I'm currently on a learning journey that leads to certification via Digital Skills Initiatives. I'm happy to be part of the women in Tech community, and I look forward to reading more about women's stories in Tech.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Thank you for sharing! ❤️


You are welcome!


Hey @sarahborda1 , appreciate this initiative 🙂

Hi every one,

I am Sravya and I am from Hyderabad, India. I am an SAP functional consultant, currently on the path to learn more about SAP digital transformation to progress my career.

Happy to be part of this group and looking forward to meet many more wonderful women. \

Cheers !!


Hi everyone,

My name is Ines and I am from Oslo, Norway. I have been working with different SuccessFactors modules both functionally and technically for 6+ years now. 

I started as a freelance consultant last year and joined this group to meet others within similar area of expertise. Hope to talk more with you all soon!

Have a great Friday!



Hello All,

Nice initiative @sarahborda1 ,

My self Harsha Chande, I am from Mumbai, India. I have to 13 years of experience in SAP FI module, & looking forward for the opportunity to learn more about SAP FI module.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi everyone,

My name is Maiara. Born and raised in Brazil but living in Germany for the past decade. My background is in business and communications and I've always been interested in all things technology. I work with the enablement and comms team for SAP Build - a portfolio of low-code products from SAP - and I really enjoy the activities within SAP Women in Tech - it's really a great initiative!


Hello !! I am Sandra Solís, from Mexico, I have 10 years as abap development, my passion for programming has been rewarded, as I was one of the winners of Devtoberfest in 2022, I am here👉🥳 !  Devtoberfest Winners' Retreat April 2023 - SAP Community Groups and also, I recorded a video to maxwell for his talk "Work smarter not harder" in SAP teched 2023 Publicación | LinkedIn

I am so glad about all I have done been ABAP development.




Thank you @sarahborda1 for this initiative 😊

Hello Everyone,

I work as a User Experience Design Consultant. Being a HFI certified UX designer and my varied 15+ years of experience in design, makes me always be interested in knowing, learning new age technologies. I am a strong believer of "keep it simple and minimal", and likes to design exceptional user experiences, driving design thinking, and simplifying complex processes.

Happy to be part of this group and looking forward to connect with many more wonderful Women in Tech.

Warm Regards, Mayura


Hallo Everyone,

Thank you @sarahborda1 ,Indeed its an excellent Idea.

Myself Reshu , borned and studied in India and currently settled in Germany.I have been associated with SAP since 2007, worked in  various Modules as Functional consutlatnt and developed some Programs and forms as ABAP delevoper. I have to learn SD modulein depth now 🙂 I am really happy to connect you all and looking forward to hear from you all.

Warm Regards



I am Sandra Solís, from Mexico !! I am systems engieener and I have been an ABAP developer for about 10 years, I love my work, I have had so many good times, one of them was winnig the Devtoberfest from SAP in 2022, thanks to that I did travel to SAP, California where I met the leaders and best developers advocates, after that, I could tell my story with SAP learning for TechEd 2023, I met more people with the same SAP passion as me, and do more colaborations with SAP !!. I couldn't be more grateful and happy !!!!

P.S. If you want to read the great blog that Anne wrote about me, here it is: From a Failed Exam to a Successful Career: Sandra'... - SAP Community I hope it inspires someone 🤞🤞😊😊🤗🤗

Active Contributor

Who are you?  Interesting question.

I am a wife, a mom, proud owner of "pets", a daughter, a sister...  I develop SAP, and I work remotely.   You can stop here, I'm also a long winded person.   If you meet me in person, I'm shy for the most part.   I push myself to meet others.   I love teaching and speaking - very strange right?

So that really isn't my "job".   All of the above are very important to me.   The "pets" make the rules.   My husband is a stay at home husband.   Why?  It kind of worked that way.   It started when my son was born, and just kind of stayed that way.  My salary was larger so I'm stuck.

My son is constantly amazing me.  He did go to college.  He did hate what his field.   So he is now in factory work.   He thrives there, and his salary is amazing.  He is saving for a house, and lives with us currently.   Let me state that again - he IS SAVING.   He also has a pretty good 401K going.   He is a joy to be around, and I am in no hurry for him to leave.  And yes, I am one of those.  I have never required rent.  He is my baby and should always have a safe place to land.

As a daughter - I am one of two.   My sister lives in FL and my Mom and Dad live 4 doors down from me.   I struggle a bit with that.  Mom and Dad are not getting any younger.  One has stage 4 kidney disease and refuses to go one dialysis.  I don't blame him.  It was a hard decision on his part.  My Mom has Cancer.  It is sort of in remission, but she is tired a lot.   It is a constant worry that will never go away.  Right now I'm working on going over there more often.

Pets - well let's just say they tell me what to do.   I have two dogs - one older one.   I have two horses both retired.  I don't really ride anymore.   I was banned by my family.   I won't say nor do I know how many times I have fallen.  And yes, I was jumping a large jump, in an event and unfamiliar to my horse fences, or just plain my horse was feeling good that day.  He decided to buck a lot.   So many falls - so many different reasons.   Add to that I'm not really getting any younger.  Never ask an age is the rule.  But I'll just say I've had my 21st birthday several times already.   

A sister...  Well a long distance one.  My baby sister is about a 24 hour car ride, but only around a 2 hour plane ride.   I've been down there once.   She makes the trip up to Michigan around 3 times a year.   I see her and we catch up.  If something big is going on in one of our lives we share.

An Aunt.  One Niece.  Lives in Florida and sadly I've really lost contact with her.   Maybe some day.

Deep breath...  If you've made it this far good for you.  Now I'll switch to job mode.   

I am a technical/functional developer.   What does that mean?  I do a little bit of everything.  I think my title is something like Sr SAP developer - but it changes.  The work does not.   I "Know" or have a basic understanding of PTP, BTC, OTC, and manufacture ordering.   My finance is OK.  My master data is better than OK.   So you see quite a bit of different things.

Boring.   What I have done is ABAP, FIORI, CDS, API, Configuration, Workflow, Flexible workflow, a little bit of Basis.   So again different things sprinkled together.   I have done several upgrades and several implementations.   LSMW and LTMOM - that kind of stuff.   I have currently been at my job just about ten years.   And I hope to stay here at least anther ten years.   I'm happy most of the time here.  I work remotely, and that is a huge benefit.   

What else can I tell you?   We are currently upgrading again.   I work on-premise with very little web sprinkled through.  I do know other apps now.   The upgrade takes a lot of my time.  Hence, I very rarely post anymore.   This one just caught my eye.  And I loved reading about everyone.

I used to have fun presenting in different areas.   SIT and Teched and....   Teched was always my favorite.   No time, no budget, and things are too accessible on the internet anymore.  Maybe a video - someday I'll have to try that.

Oh yes, I was a mentor.   I'm sort-of a Champion.   But I really am not doing that job right now.   Maybe I have been retired.  I'll have to check that out.

My favorite saying anymore, Today is the present and a gift to be enjoyed.   Stay happy!  Be the best you, and above all else enjoy your life!  Trust me, it's way too short.  The other one to keep in mind.  If you died today, your job could replace you.  Your family can not.

It was lovely meeting you all.


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi Michelle [ @mmcisme1 ],

So nice to read from you. Although we know each other in the community for a longer time, I learnt much more about you from your post. Thanks so much for sharing your story, I love how you've written your post! As of my knowledge, you have done so much for the community in the past, and I hope, you are going to "return" with this post. For other women in tech, you are a real role model.

I fully agree to your favorite saying and I follow the same. So enjoy the present and I wish you all the best and hope to connect sometime again.

Best, Svea

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Hi mmcisme1

It's my pleasure, too. I find your post inspiring, and it is motivating.

Your perspective on SAP's benefits has truly resonated with me. Your positive attitude is contagious, and I appreciate the encouragement you provide to others.

The last paragraph is one of the goodies SAP's has brought to me. The flexibility of SAP as my second career program has allowed me to balance my personal, family and professional lives seamlessly.

Again, I appreciate the valuable insights you have shared and look forward to reading more from you in the future.


Hi SAP Ladies, 

My name is Stefanie, and I'm originally from Germany. I started working with SAP in August 1996 at the young age of 19. While I initially dreamt of pursuing creative passions like painting, writing, and traveling the world, my parents encouraged me to consider a stable career path.

Looking back, with the amazing transition to S/4HANA and now AI, I see their wisdom. It's opened incredible opportunities within SAP! I'm thrilled to be part of this vibrant community after this exciting upgrade.

I love this page and this community. Furthermore, I look forward to sharing content, experiences, and offering motivation and support to all of you.

Feel free to connect with me here or on LinkedIn!

Best, Stefanie