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What are your strategies or rituals before speaking on stage?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Standing on stage in front of a crowd of people can be quite challenging. Even after many years of stage experience it is normal to still get a little nervous. As an advice I was always told to imagine the other audience in underwear so I would become more comfortable speaking in front of them – Personally it never really worked out for me. Instead what helped me a lot was to take some time for myself to breathe and empower myself before going on stage.

I wanted to know, if you have certain rituals or strategies before speaking in front of people, which empower you and let you feel more confident.

It might help others dealing with their nervousness too and lets them overcome their inhibitions.


Active Contributor

I remember what actor Matthew Broderick once said, the "joy" is in the rehearsal.  So rehearse as much as possible, and enjoy it.  Then you will gain confidence.  

That's what I try to remember.  

A few times I've recorded myself too and did a self-critique.

I haven't done a speech on stage but I have performed music in public (amateur Celtic harp player in my spare time) - the preparations that musicians do for performance may also help for speeches? In the run up to performing I record myself a lot. Also you can do things that simulate being nervous eg jump and run around to get your heart rate up and be a bit out of breath, then record yourself giving your talk while in that state. And eg. first thing in the morning when still not properly awake record yourself giving your talk.

Some good ideas to use during the performance also are here How to make Performance Anxiety an asset 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Thank you Tammy for sharing your advice - rehearsing and enjoying your speech or presentation is a really important point. Especially the joy often falls into oblivion, if you focus too much on the performance.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear Selina, focus on the message you share with your audience.
Your nervous feelings are reduced when you turn your attention away from your anxiety.

BR Verena 


The mantra I follow to deal with stage fear is "Practice!". I practice my presentation/speech in front of mirror or any loved one.

The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to continue on stage !!


Hi Selina,

I'm a fan of Amy Cuddy, and watched this Ted Talk years ago when I was preparing for a presentation to a very large audience.  It always stuck with me, and help me through my nervousness!

Enjoy!  Chantal


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Be well prepared (yes, rehearse a lot!) and then feel confident! 🙂

And remember, if you forget or miss to mention anything, no one will even notice because no one knows what you prepared 😉 

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