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My "essentials" for finding the right profession

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

As mentioned in my previous thread, I have been part of the Girl’s Day on April 28 this year. The idea of the Girl’s Day is that women share their professional career stories to female pupils to give them an outline of "what's out there".

The session I was part of, has been organized by SAP, and I had the opportunity together with a few others of my great female SAP colleagues, to share my personal and professional story with female pupils in Germany, who are in 8-10th grade of school. It was a virtual event with different break out rooms where each of us presented in our personal room to a group of 4-5 girls. Afterwards, they moved to the next break out room and listened to the next presentation. At the end, I presented “my story” 4 times 😊

Everyone of us has its own business career story. Mine is not a linear professional career, as my video for the SAP Women in Tech initiative shows. And that is exactly what I want to deliver to children or teenagers, who are making up their minds about “what shall I do in the future”, “how will I find a job” and “what profession do I want choose”. In my opinion studying is not necessarily mandatory.

Let me share the main slide from my presentation:


These are “my” essentials when searching for a profession because you should keep in mind that it’s good to have a basic education as a foundation. That gives you the opportunity to refer back to if you need it. Consider to find something which you are passionate about. Remember, that you don’t limit yourself and that you trust yourself. Because you might be doing the job for a long time 😉


What do you think? What are “your essentials”? Looking forward to getting your thoughts! 😊

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On the interesting question of: Should you make your career your passion, or find a job that allows you to spend time on it outside of work?
Some thought provoking articles here:

Interesting question - for me both would be possible I guess 😊

But it doesn't necessarily mean that you do not have other passions which you can spend on time outside work. But in my opinion life would be more exhausting if you have a job which you don't like at all. 

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