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Calling for speakers for SAP Women in Tech's speaker formats

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Women in Tech offers women a variety of speaking opportunities with the aim of putting women in the tech space on stage, spotlighting their expertise, as well as showcasing their expertise to a broader audience internally and externally. We are always welcoming new speakers, regardless of whether you are from SAP or not!

You might have already heard of some of our speaker formats, but if you have not, here is a brief description of each:

  • Tech Talk: This 50-minute format offers a space to present your technical topic to our community and/or to introduce new topics. Depending on the topic, this format can be both only internal, or internal and external. We welcome all women to take part in this format, whether you are from SAP or not! Some topics we have had in the past are: AI, Technical aspects of designing Apparel, DevOps, SRE and ITIL, Chaos Engineering | The Art of Purposefully Braking Systems, Event Data Platform…just to name a few.


  • Women in Tech Meets: This format is a collaboration of 2 speakers coming together and presenting a technical topic together. One speaker is an SAP Woman in Tech, and the other is a woman in tech who is a partner or customer to SAP, or simply from a different organization. Some of the topics we would like to cover this year are Patents/IP, Localization, Data Security/GDPR/Compliance, Critical Infrastructure/Kritis, and critical infrastructure in Germany. This format is both internal and external.


  • Unboxing SAP Strategy: Unboxing SAP Strategy is one of our newer formats, it involves 2 SAP women presenting a strategic SAP topic, such as Business Technology Platform, RISE with SAP, or SAP's industry cloud. The speakers are expected to present the topic in an easy-to-digest manner, or as we like to say, so simple that even your grandmother who knows nothing about tech would be able to understand. The format is particularly fun because our women present it in a fun way, for instance: explaining SAP’s Industry Cloud for Utilities through building legos, or making burgers to explain SAP’s Business technology Platform. This format is also both internal and external.


  • Young Africans In Tech:  Last but not least, we have our Young Africans In Tech program. This program includes a Learning pillar which is made up of monthly sessions from female experts (from SAP and from other organizations) on a number of different topics (technical and non-technical). The aim of this program and pillar is to inspire the next generation of Africans in tech as well as give them role models to look up to.  Our speakers for this format are all women of African heritage, be it Afro-Latino, African-American, Afro-German, etc. Some topics we have covered in the past are: What businesses can do to bring profit and planet together for a more sustainable world, Redefining Limiting Beliefs, Studying computers without computers, a rural kid's perspective on the tech industry, What It Takes To Be A Woman In Tech In Africa, Personal Tips to Branding Yourself at SAP.. just to name a few.

If any of these formats pique your interest, then please let us know! We would love to showcase more women in tech from SAP and beyond. Send us an email at and we will work with you through every step of the process to make the event a reality!


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I've already sent my email request for this:

ASUG has call for speakers for its first SAP Cloud Conference (virtual) in August - The link to submit an abstract is below and the deadline is March 25th.

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HA!  I think my company will have to be a member first.   We dropped our membership.  Lots of reasons for that.

And it's a bit passed the deadline....

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Come on all my women friends - I might be stuck a bit in the dark ages, but I'm guessing you are not!  Not sure about the deadline for this.   But I hope the e-mail box is flooded.   I do a normal informal count of women vs. men speakers at Teched.   Each year the ratio seems to go down not up.   Of course - informal means I'm simply counting them.  I don't have the "real" count. 

But to make that ratio better we need volunteers.   You all have so much to share.  

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Im intrested. I can provide topics for sapui5 technology or woman coding psychology