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Do you know who we celebrate today?

To be honest, I’ve heard of Ada Lovelace and her work the first time this week. So, I wanted to share what I found out and see:    Have you heard of Ada Lovelace before or maybe did you already get in touch with her work somehow or do you know other ...

Feminist Mentoring

Hi community!I ran into a really amazing concept recently through She's the First: Feminist Mentoring! how have I never heard of this before??"Feminist mentoring is the exchange of energy and ideas between feminist mentors and their mentees which in ...

Feminist Mentoring tooklit image.jpg [Feminist Mentorship Manual] How does feminist mentorship differ from traditional mentorship 2.jpg
sarahborda1 by Product and Topic Expert
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Let's get to know each other!

Hey everybody,online topic groups are a great resource for inspiration and insights, but can sometimes feel stiff and anonymous, lacking real human connections.That's why we want to encourage everyone to get to know and connect with each other and ho...

Impact of women in technology

I just came across this post by @Maren_Meyer : think it's very interesting to consider the impact of women in Data Science and females perspectives on different items whic...

sveabecker by Community Advocate
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Share your experience as a woman in tech

Hi everyone, With the launch of this new Group, and as a woman in tech myself (!), I would love to hear about others' experiences in technology.Whether you are just beginning your career or are a 20+ year veteran, what has it been like working in tec...

allietrzaska by Product and Topic Expert
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Interactive classical report

Not being able to code for this scenario , kindly help. Selection screen – SCARR-CARRID. First Screen – Display CARRID, CARRNAME, CURRCODE from SCARR for given selection screen parameter. 1st Secondary screen – Click on CARRID -> Display CARRID...

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