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24 Days of SAP Community – Door 19: Reflection 2022 and Resolution 2023 – what are yours?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate


Day 19.png


End of the year is always my favorite time to reflect on the year. I ask myself:

  • What happened this year?
  • What went well?
  • What did I like most?
  • What are my good resolutions for the next year?

So I thought that topic fits perfectly into our 24 Days of SAP Community and I would like to share some of my personal highlights:

From my personal perspective I was happy to complete my Yoga Teacher exam, so I am now a certified Yoga Teacher and regularly teaching Yoga classes. That was a big dream which I could fulfill for myself, and I am so very happy about it. 😊

From my professional perspective I love my job as an SAP Community Advocate! There are so many different things going on and working and connecting with community members is great – no matter if they are internal or external. This year I focused on supporting a lot of groups to go live. That was very exciting because I worked with so many different people from all kind of areas and locations. I hosted many SAP Community calls, which are now live streams on  YouTube. This new format is really great and I like it a lot! If you want to know more about it, read my previous post!

I was also part of the Girls Day in April, which was definitely a highlight. It’s awesome to see how teenagers are keen to seek knowledge from your experience and how they are interested in your professional story… ah… my story, yes. 😁 I know I have shared it already, but did you notice that I have been part of the #24Doors of Christian Klein’s Social Media reflection last year? He shared my SAP Women in Tech Video with my favorite message “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything – You can do everything!” 💪 (BTW that was also my "theme" for my Girls Day presentation 😉)
Here is the proof 😅:



Isn’t this a great theme for 2023? I'll definitely keep this in mind while finding my good resolutions for 2023! 😁

What are your good resolutions for 2023? Do you have nice experiences you want to share from 2022?

I am delighted to read your answers 😊

There are only a few doors left, so don't miss to bookmark our 24 Days of SAP Community ! 🌲


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