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The Girl Gazette – girls around the world tell their story

Every voice deserves to be heard but often young girls don’t get the chance or the audience to do so! One of our inspiring partners is She’s the First’s, a girl-focused community-based organization, whose mission is ensuring girls tell their own stories. Therefore they have now collected arty creations of girls around the world such as poster, poems or drawings which focus their wishes, facing conflicts, or simply thoughts. The diverse collection has been printed in the so called magazine The Girl Gazette.

It is written entirely by girls and contains essays, interviews, and art from girls who participate in the community-based organizations that She’s the First funds and supports. These girls volunteer to share their voices as part of their own advocacy efforts. In the first issue you can find a politic poster of theGirls’ Bill of Rights Community facing women’s right to vote.

Our partner She’s the First is a girl-focused community-based organization (CBO) who aim to create sustainable change for girls by sharing their power and creating more equitable spaces. Their coalition-building programs are designed with partners and girls, brainstorming together on how they can collectively contribute to girls’ power. Their work is grounded in understanding the dynamics of oppression, power, and privilege, as well as the ways they intersect, for girls and CBOs around the world.

The Girl Gazette is available in English and Spanish. As a supporter of their work, The Girl Gazette will be received twice a year.

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