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Women talking about “women topics”? This is certainly not what SAP Women in Tech does. As usual when the SAP Women in Tech team is involved, we are talking tech. And as per usual, we are aiming to make women in IT and their professional expertise visible.

In 2022, we started a collaboration with Women@DSAG (German SAP User Group) to infuse and inspire our internal Women in Tech with some more women in tech from the customer side. For our latest event, which took place on November 24th, we invited 40 female leaders from various companies to Walldorf. The focus was on intelligent, resilient and sustainable business processes and upcoming megatrends. We started the day with a welcome by Christine Regitz, Head of SAP Women in Tech, and Katrin Lehmann, Global Head of Customer Innovation and Maintenance, followed by a video message from Board Member Thomas Saueressig.

Anja Strothkaemper provided great insights into how intelligent business processes in SAP software support smallholder farming, up to the point where global retailers are reconsidering their sourcing strategies and help thrive small collaboratives. She showed how end-to-end traceability helps to secure and create local jobs: investments are made to build local processing possibilities, so that the harvest does not need to be shipped around the world for processing anymore – which, by the way, also leads to the reduction of the CO2 footprint.

After those concrete examples in agriculture, Christine Grimm (heading the expertise area of Transformation within the German User Group) zoomed out to a bird’s eye view on Megatrends and Blockbusters of Change in ecology, climate, society and technology - and what those changes do in fact mean for companies. She sensitized us for how New Work, Neo Ecology, Lifelong Learning – and Unlearning! -, Gender Shift and Connectivity are leading to unprecedented transformation needs for companies and their brands, and how they should engage with their employees – “but only if they want to survive!”

To lead the day to conclusion, we received an introduction to the SAP Experience Center concept by Michelle Schweitzer, followed by an inspiring visit of the Experience Center and the SAP Smart Store led by Sophia Weis, providing an excellent overview on what SAP offers and how SAP inspires customers to face the transformation ahead.

Thank you to everyone who made this insightful day such a success – and looking forward to the next event with Women@DSAG and SAP Women in Tech!